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Hobbit Enterprises
Corporation Ticker HBBT
Member of Goonswarm
Standings to Goonfleet +10
Corp Status Active
When is second breakfast in Eve time?

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As Jbev once said: "Who am I giving CA to again? Ilor Prophet? Oh, cool, he's a Hobbit. They're the CovOps corp."

Once upon a time there was a Goonfleet pilot named Selnaric. Selnaric was short. Not just ordinary short, but staring up into midgets' crotches short. This caused no problem for our hero, because he was a Goon, and midget crotch porn is tame by our standards. But lo, there was one perversion which Goons would not abide... the perversion of furriness. When the inevitable bashing of furries commenced, Selnaric would look down at his own hairy feet, and feel afraid. "What will happen," he wondered, "when the Goons see my feet? Will they think I'm a furry?"

Selnaric suffered in silence until one day, he realized that he had slowly amassed staggering space riches, enough so to plausibly claim to start a separate industrial organization. To ensure that his cover would remain intact, he recruited his pubbie friends to join his little hobby shop. In honor of his physiognomy, he named this corporation Hobbit Enterprises. Some are told that name honors their sneakiness, or their slow acquisition of wealth, or their habit of eating until they get fat.. but as with so many other aspects of Goonswarm, it's really all about furries.