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Man Train Inc. (HOPON)

Man Train Inc. is a member of GoonSwarm consisting of a few brosefs just looking for a good time who joined Goonfleet at or around the second wave.

Gay Sex and Masturbation: A History of Man Train

- Man Train was founded on a noble tradition of Harry Potter slash fan fiction. Man Train Inc. was founded by Professor Snape, Professor Dumbledore, and Mr Malfoy as a means of establishing the first goon pos in S-U8A4. The Masturbation was a bold and daring adventure into spreadsheets and mind-numbingly boring logistics. The Masturbation Station ran for several months moon mining in S-U until Man Train Inc. grew bored and tired of hauling fuel without the use of a dedicated carrier. With a burning desire to suck on the Arkanor teat, most of the members rejoined Goonwaffe or Fleet. Eventually the rules on mining for alliance members were changed so Man Train was once again revived.

- In the wake of XZH, Man Train, looking for action, pirating, and isk briefly joined the OSS in Cache. After witnessing first-hand the incompetence of the Southern Coalition, and seeing the Reds completely destroy all opposition in cache, Man Train returned home to the swarm, where it has remained ever since.

- Man Train now consists of the original 3 members, their alts, and former Goonfleet director - the beloved mascot of HOPON, Arcaius Cartos. Man Train is currently offering high quality Harry Potter fan-fic, as well as on and off terror in Alachene and other unsuspecting low security systems.

- Man Train is best known for losing their freighter to BoB when they cunningly named their neutral freighter alt's freighter "ManTrain Express"

- As GoonFleet triumphed in battle, so was Man Train there to both share in glorious conquest and reap the benefits. With the utter crushing of Veritas Immortalis, Scalding Pass offered enough space for Tel Nikerym and Sunter to get the money for carriers, as well as operate a POS out of a ratting system several jumps from 1V-LI2. While both fly their carriers in fleet battle, Tel Nikerym has also opted to open his own carrier service, serving all of GoonSpace with Archon Transportation.

- While the POS is no longer in Scalding Pass, Man Train continues to serve the Swarm as loyal members, with carrier logistics and PvP'ers.



Mantrain Bee was designed by Tel Nikerym.


CEO: Sunter

Contacts: Tel Nikerym, Professor Snape (aka Sunter), Arcaius Cartos, Archbishop Lazuris, Mr. Malfoy (aka Archbishop Lazuris), Professor Dumbledore (aka Tel Nikerym).