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Ultrapolite Socialites
Corporation Ticker LOVEU
Member of Goonswarm
Standings to Goonfleet +10
Corp Status Active
Composed of some kind of super-concentrated unadulterated awesomeness.

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Tad Ghostal (of Goonfleet) On LOVEU

"I've spoken to them a few times in Alliance. I believe most of them aren't human. Instead, they're composed of some kind of super-concentrated unadulterated awesomeness.

Imagine all the single most awesome things in existence were to merge together into one entity, and that entity were to have sex with Brooke Berry, and that sex resulted in some sort of uber-awesomeness-life-force energy, and that energy were to congeal into a sentient, human-like organism. Then you'd have a single member of LOVEU."

—Tad Ghostal

Cooter Lik (ex-LOVEU COO) On LOVEU

LOVEU was founded by myself(Cooter Lik AKA Muff Joos), Lenny Lowcut(AKA Longdong Ewing), and Deaf Chick(an actual deaf chick.) We are real life friends from the hill country of Texas and we drink an awful lot. We originally joined up with OSS because we craved access to the lucrative agents of lower Syndicate. However we found ourselves spending all our time with Goons. We joined defense ops and assisted in the dismantleing of pos' bound for XZH. Late one evening at the conclusion of one of these ops we were invited to the swarm by Remedial. The next day I informed Kiatolon we'd be leaving OSS to join the swarm. Soon after we found ourselves in convoys up to xzh. It was here where we first saw our first big fleet engagements. This was one of the things that bonded us to Goons. There were other things. Mainly the Goon sense of humor. Lenny would often compare it to Lenny Bruce and we found that we were constantly laughing and having the best time we could remember in a video game. Our early days in Goonswarm saw us become bonded with fleet, and in truth there was little or no distinction between Socialites and Goons. During the camping of JQV by Band of Brothers our resolve to stay Goons never wavered. We lost half our members, but they were faggots anyway, the core group remained and we actually managed to construct a cruiser cache of over 100 ships during this time. Many were handed out to Goons during the siege. The defeat of Black Reign Syndicate came soon after the siege was over and then it was time to move on to Insmother/Cache with Red Alliance. At first we were nervous to go because we made most of our money mission running in U4, however, there was never any chance of us not going with goons so we quit acting like pussies and dropped the first Swarm POS in Red Space.