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DPG · Ultrapolite Socialites · GoonPlatoon

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Magellanic ITG · Man Train Inc.
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Eight year old girls · Elitistops
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GF Development Inc

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Visual I.D · DarkStar 1

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Our fellow goons and members of Goonswarm.

Mildeliane is their current CEO.

Groden Shumway (inactive), Seamless (inactive), Kronius Migranus, Vera Nosfyu and Ren Hanxue are the current directors.

Website: http://www.duragon.org/

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Note: DPG is now an alt corp, all the real DPG members joined GoonFleet en masse during March, 2009, when it was decided that it was time to merge with GoonFleet. The last known active membership of DPG now hang out in "Duragon Pioneer Squad."