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Free Space Pilots aka Banderlogs
Corporation Ticker FSP-B
Member of Goonswarm
Standings to Goonfleet +10
Corp Status Active
Жгите всех!

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A former member corporation of Red Alliance, FSP-B is now a Goonswarm member. [1]

FSP-B CEO now is Gans Bandelog. A lot of our corp pilots came to eve from forum "Elite gamers" like OEG. We are PvP corp with nice corp capfleet. We are Free pilots. But we have some rules too, but we never make people doing that things that they don't want to do.

4 years our corp was fighting for Red Alliance. We do a lot for this Alliance,but one corp can't carry a big Alliance forward forever. Our 3 logistics Imp000,Windlark,Takayas sekretagenta fuel more than 120 poses in south Insmother and build a corp Titan and 2 outposts(5c-rpa and n7-KGY). But they all tired to do so much.

We decided to left RA and join GS. Now the main director in FSP-B is Lorein. He is like a deputy CEO. Fuck him.

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