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Merch Industrial
Corporation Ticker MRCHI
Member of GoonSwarm
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Corp Status Active
Penis joke aficionados.

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"Goonswarm's little kid brother. You guys knock some faggot over and start punching them in the head, we run up and kick them in the kidneys and then run away laughing. Sometimes we trip the faggot first, so you and bigger brother RA can beat the shit out of them."

Faggots from the Penny Arcade forums. Used to be the main corporation in We Are Nice Guys, but after extensive questioning of their sexuality, they gave in and joined Goonswarm.


Recruitment Policy

Merch Industrial is centrally based around posters from the Penny Arcade forums, just as Goonfleet is based around posters from the Something Awful forums. There are filters for new or low post count applicants. Current members are able to sponsor real life friends. Merch Industrial is not the place for Goonfleet cast-offs and rejects. If you have friends who you can't or won't sponsor into Goonfleet, don't look at us. We don't know how dabigredboat got in, but we apologize.


CEO, "a douche a faggot and to go to hell."
Director of Mustache Rides and POS Architecture.
Unretired Director of Moustaches. No longer moves That Fucking Box.
Rakk Ashari
Director, King of the Newbees, Mega Jew.
Director - Fleshreaper & Offensive Mining. Drops outpost eggs without fuel. Newbee advocate.
Retired director of Jews, had 30 Jew alts.
Salvadore Freddo
Director of Logistics and Moon Mining.
Daedelus Oneill
Director of Spreadsheets, King of Capital Construction & Skill Shop Whore. Crazy German.
Director, Head FC, loses caps and supercaps and oh godWOOFWOOFWOOFWOOOFWOOOFWFOWOFOWOFWOOOOF.

Spaceship Superstars

Angelus Damelon
Not A Director, just an HR Bureaucrat who tells pubbies and spies to fuck off. Faggot Communist Liberal, GFSFM DJ, and space poker pro.
Pr0ster. Spy approver. Shit disturber. Cheerleader.
Rathstern Executus
Ex-CEO. Helped to save MRCHI from extinction.
Ex-CEO, Nice Guy, Lord of Awesome, doesn't play EVE.
Rob Gee
Ex-Director. Doesn't play. We assume he's still yelling at us, somewhere.
Ex-Director. Now a Jesuit Priest in training. Seriously.
Ronzo Walrus
Director, Logistics Lackey, doesn't play ever.
Decloaked Shrike. See
James Duar
Jaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmeeeeeeees Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Maimonides Einotar
Cock-thirsty. The Epsilon of MRCHI. Slashfic performance artist. Great poster, or greatest poster?
Diaper fetishist.
Reverand Maynard
Scam artist, sexy hunk of man.
Sertan Deras
Front line fighter, creator of the Thanatoi bullshit.
Keeps this page clean from people writing "lulz" and other stupid shit.

Faggots & Former Members

Rhonyn Peacemaker
Former director, horrible poster. Read anything on GF dot com. Example: here, here, or here.
Hates pubbies/newbie Merchies. Hauls officer loot AFK through lowsec. Resident asshole.
Arcalane Celso
Likes to think he and his retarded, ineffective, pubbie setups are important. Only poster to have created a serious wiki page just for himself.
God damned Amarr Nazi. Thinks his theorycraft is the only way to fit ships. "I am not an FC, but i am sure as shit a lot smarter than you and better than you at this game."
Tao Rhekdai
Will photoshop pictures that you post of yourself and make you regret it.
Convinced Rhonyn Peacemaker to buy a 15,000 run Berserker 1 BPC off him for 100m isk.
Marshal Boddiker
Gigantic Pubbie. Guilty of creating the worst pubbie thread on GoonFleet's only moderated forum, Ask A Director. Unlike Wiggin, takes it like a man. A submissive gay man that likes it up the bum. Has since utterly redeemed himself by making an awesome map.
First in Merch, then went Fuck Merch for Goonfleet and appointed Sky Marshal. Darius then got sick of Trevor's whiny bullshit and kicked his ass to the curb. He currently resides with AAA.
Easily the worst MRCHI member in history.
Useless shit talking faggot, banished by PWK and picked up by another Goonswarm corp that probably wishes to remain nameless. Now a member of KIA.

Capital Ship Program

We make capships no big deal (no S-MART thread because I guess we only sell when we produce over capacity or something I don't know what the fuck).