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Igneus Auctorita
Corporation Ticker IGNE
Member of Goonswarm
Standings to Goonfleet +10
Corp Status Active
The best worst corp in GS

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The Corporations of Goonswarm


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These guys apparently were pubbie faggots that hung around and killed stuff with GoonSwarm. They started off as renters and were eventually sponsored into GS by Anzac Squad.

They're even bigger faggots now that they're in GoonSwarm. They still hang around. kill stuff, and are generally awesome. Not furry like DPG, instead they are LARPers that think they're Roman or some shit. Sometimes their members do hilariously embarrassing things like getting tackled in a dread while ratting or ror'ing nync in RA space, then those members get kicked and join DS1.

In their latest feat, they destroyed Band of Brothers. No biggie.

We also like to lose titans. "RIP Shaddo"


Notable IGNE celebrities

Important People

  • Savage Bastard - New CEO of IGNE. FC, Director of being almost as cranky as deadtear.
  • Heinz Rand - New Co-CEO of IGNE. Director of IGNE logistics, godawful PVP pilot. Comes in 57 varieties. Also director of being burnt out.
  • Baaldor - Director of doing pretty much everything, until he vanishes.
  • Altanzar - Director of building big ships and fueling pos.
  • Ghitza(Shaddo) - Director of losing Titans [1] (We almost lost 2 because Chris Rittenhouse is an awesome FC, but at least he lost his carrier at the same time [2]) *trying to save him, dick*
  • Kai Monra - Director of Scamming, Spying and Ze Germans. Is perma scamming Elusif, and made Batou Section9 cry. Does not understand what the edit tab at the top of the page is for.
  • Tamir Lenk - Raper of Mouths. If someone gets kicked, he wanted to do it for weeks or months before it happened. Tried to scam Haargoth's alt for only 50m, who claimed that he "didn't have it" so Tamir disbanded his alliance instead.
  • Aaron static - Ex-CEO. Which is like winning the special Olympics, but hey. He never logs in.
  • Tyrrhena Maxus - Ex-Co-Ceo, Director of being hazy, shady and lazy. Logs in now???

Other Faggots

  • Sethiol - He complained that he's been here several years but doesn't have an entry, so here you go faggot.
  • L4NC3R - Awesomely leetspeak name, may or may not have started the SEbAAAy War. L4NC3R is a faggot, quote this if you're down. Quoting this because I am down.
  • Elusif - Runs cosmic anomalies in a nyx nbd
  • Devian_666 - Some faggot that wanted to be put in this list. No, I'm not sure why. He's also director of IGNE Speschul Forces
  • Clergo - Hyperactive IGNE FC
  • Chris Rittenhouse - HellaRetarded IGNE FC. Ask him about losing IGNE Titans.
Dungarmatic's take on Chris:
Mori Kaal: Dungarmatic: What do you think of Chris?
Dungarmatic: Mori Kaal: Chris Rittenhouse: :frogsiren: :pcgaming: :frogc00lpipe: :pcgaming: :frogsiren: x up for a beer. Goodnight everybody.
  • Baenn - Token IGNE in the op. Talks too much.
  • Omega5 - Awesomely killed an evacuating freighter. I'm sure there are links, but :effort:
  • Draagor - l33t PVPer. Don't even try, seriously.
  • Xadus - Rich bastard. Owns everything. Whatever you think you own, you actually rent from him. Also, you owe him interest.
  • Logand Delta - Awesome PVP pilot. Almost kicked because he got implicated in the bobfrommarketing gangwarp mothership loss and people decided he was a spy, and IGNE went nuts because he's the one guy actually worth keeping. Now free.
  • Stucks - Is in IGNE now? I guess? He never talks in IGNE. Fuck him.
  • LOVEU contingent - There are like fifty of them. They're all pretty chill and were one side of the LOVEU drama, and now they go on ops and badmouth their old CEO.
  • Kraftwerk contingent - Ex Kraftwerk Leadership. Chill bunch of rich germans that are always active and love killing stuff.

People even we wouldn't put up with

  • Alephus Skeppa/Roschambo - Pretty damn stupid. Booted from IGNE so he eventually joined DS1. Then DS1 booted him. :fry:
  • This is similar to why the girl in this video is famous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ha3y7mkR3A
  • Justicewinz - Brought in, kicked, brought in again, kicked again, and so on. Scammed each time he joined. Not very bright.
  • Pvt Awesome - He was a spy? Maybe? He whined and cried for hours when we kicked him, though, which was awesome. Proof that not every spy Tamir Lenk recruits is secretly an enemy director who wants to be a Goon.
  • Batou Section9 - Yeah.

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