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Ars ex Discordia
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In Concordia, Vires. Ex Discordia, Gloria.

Ars ex Discordia is formed around members of the Ars Technica and arsclan communities, and generally restricts membership to forum posters thereof. In other words, full of forum whores prone to writing out TL;DR crap such as featured below.


  • Barwinius (CEO)
  • Shaddam V
  • Soup Spoon
  • Captain Wolfman
  • Malson Russo


Formed in November 2005 as Ars Caelestis, which joined Huzzah Federation and moved to 0.0 space. Took part in Stain Alliance and Huzzah's war with FIX, who were kicked out of Catch and much of Querious. BoB came to FIX's rescue in April of 2006, establishing their status as BoB puppets and securing ArsC/ARSED's enduring pubbie e-honor vendetta against both. Subsequently, Huzzah was destroyed by the combination of a democratic leadership shift, and the invasion of AAA.

Ars Caelestis joined ASCN, establishing ourselves in PMV with DarkStar 1. Had the chance to fight BoB a second time in their invasion of ASCN. When ASCN began to truly dissolve, DS1 pulled out of PMV, and Ars C jumped ship along with 90% of the rest of the alliance.

Took up an offer from XirtamVOTF to join Imperium, which soon after re-formed as the new Curse Alliance. Drove -V- out of NPC space in Great Wildlands, for the glory of occupying NPC stations and dealing with constant griefer presence. As CA expanded drastically, and began to exhibit signs of disorder when not under Xirtam's direct leadership, we looked elsewhere.

While in CA, our CEO at the time, Achilles Thorongmor, revealed himself to be even more of a faggot than previously thought, kicking all members from the corp, intending to steal the entirety of corp assets and "kill" the corporation by retaining it as a one-man corp. His attempt at archvillainy included being scammed out of two capital ships for 1mil ISK, losing a Rapier to an ex-ArsC, T1-fit Vexor, and allowing us to steal back several Hulks and other corp ships stored in POSes.

Contrary to his expectations, the remainder of the corp went "welp," decided we were better off without him, and re-formed almost instantly as Ars ex Discordia. His last stab at Internet Notoriety and "destroying" the corp took the form of a prankapple in which he claimed we were a corp of MASTER SPIES, personally responsible for the downfall of Huzzah, ASCN, and eventually ALL OF EVE.

While part of Imperium/CA, we had already been fighting alongside RA and Goons; and when the Free Trade Zone was created, we joined up and moved into FTZ space. Became one of the few FTZ corps to regularly join combat ops. Eventually we joined GoonSwarm along with DS1, a tragic mistake that haunts us to this day.

Capital Ship Sales

See this thread for our capital ship program.