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Legion du lys
Corporation Ticker LDLQ
Member of GoonSwarm
Standings to Goonfleet +10
Corp Status Active
We speak French.

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Website: http://www.legiondulys.com/
Corporation Killboard : http://www.legiondulys.com/kb/ The Legion du Lys was created the first November 2005 by 12 Quebecois in the Fountain region. We currently are member of GOONSWARM (http://www.goonfleet.com) one of the greatest alliance in EVE-Online and proud to be one of the bigger corporation of French/Quebec people.

120 members working together with one goal in mind, is the core of the corporation. Following the next month, La Legion is heading forward to a better future in Eve-online. We are happy to take part in a universe where only the strong survive and the weakest die.

Team work, mix with a good leadership and amazing corp member is making this corporation unique and special. Apart that we speak French to each other, this corporation is getting stronger everyday and will do whatever is necessary to keep it strong.

We are a corporation focus on PVP but we also have a strong industrial and logistical backbone wish make us a very powerful and fearsome corporation to not be dealt with softness. We may be coward but not stupid, our work is serious and we will keep this direction. La legion is installed in 0.0, Delve, Next to our enemy. We are not afraid to fight, we are not afraid to camp, we have no fear. We are a proud member of Goonswarm and will keep on fighting with every lasting breath to keep the alliance strong.


Coming soon...


\xE2\x80\xA2 CEO : GazGal Jin

\xE2\x80\xA2 Co-CEO : Crapod

\xE2\x80\xA2 Logistics : Darkgold dragon (assisted by Crapod and GazGal Jin)

\xE2\x80\xA2 POS Manager : Toyal (assisted by Bernière)

\xE2\x80\xA2 Mining Director : Lucar Bane

\xE2\x80\xA2 Military Director : Venom2k99

\xE2\x80\xA2 Official FC : BlackStealth, Venom2k99, Alpinestars

\xE2\x80\xA2 Recruitment : Matrios (assisted by BlackStealth)

\xE2\x80\xA2 Production Director : Verdoom

\xE2\x80\xA2 Advisor (ex-CEO) : Leandre



[LDLQ] Légion du Lys fut fondée le 1er novembre 2005 par 12 joueurs québécois dans la région de Fountain. Elle est actuellement membre de GOONSWARM (http://www.goonfleet.com) , une des plus imposante alliances de EVE-Online, et fière d'être la plus imposante corporation québécoise à ce jour! Forte de plus de 120 membres, la Légion du Lys s'impose dans cet univers où seuls les plus forts survivent! L'esprit d'équipe, l'entraide et la bonne humeur font partie de ses valeurs fondamentales. Bien qu'elle favorise l'aspect PVP, elle possède une division industrielle et logistique qui supporte tous ses projets d'expansion.

Nos installations en 0.0 et notre HQ constitue un endroit ideal pour le developpement et la croissance des membres de notre corporation. Goonswarm apporte aussi une notion massive au niveau PVP et organisationel ce qui rend notre gameplay des plus agréable.