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They have southern accents.

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Battlestars [BTLS] is a member corp in Goonswarm headed by DREDD. They have Southern accents and like to fight. A lot.

Despite being in the most awesome alliance in the game, they are the most disparaged member corp. They have a number of professional ratters and engage in dubious pubbie activity which separates Goons from the rest of EVE. As such they are a magnet for solo gankers wandering through Delve, which often results in billion-ISK loss mails. However, their bee is an awesome Mexican bee with a bloody knife.


Battlestars originally came out of a corporation named Infinicorp lead by Mixmaster. Things were fine, our first major conflict & corp war was against Space Invaders. Many good battles there. We then joined the VA, who shortly then became the NVA, then the Phoenix Alliance (PA). Eventually a group split off of Infinicorp lead by DREDD, RualStorge, Grand Illusion, Shilo, and Hasan. This is when Battlestars was formed. 99% of infinicorp members moved and joined the newly formed Battlestars with RualStorge as CEO and DREDD as Military Director.

Battlestars made a name for itself quickly when the NVA collapsed and became the PA. This is also the time when Jade Constantine and the Jerico Fraction broke off with RKK and formed an alliance with Evolution. This alliance would eventually form up and become BoB (Band of Brothers). Battlestars [BTLS] was one of the first corps to fire the shots in what is now known as the Great Northern War along with Cyberdyne Industries. Battlestars members were on the front lines and won every fleet engagement we ever participated in. As the war dragged on and less participation was evident by other member corps, Battlestars then went deep into enemy lines & caused havoc there.

As the war dragged, Battlestars leadership had found out that some of the PA leadership had forced the war for personal gain and had back door deals going on. Battlestars members decided, after this information was revealed, that they no longer wanted to be part of the PA. Battlestars under RualStorge would then join the Original Curse Alliance.

Battlestars was with CA for 3 to 4 months before CA went into civil war and broke up. IMPERIUM Alliance was then founded by Xirtamvotf with Battlestars joining under RualStorge's leadership. IMPERIUM then invaded NORAD and was the site of some very spectacular combat. IMPERIUM's initial invasion force was to be over 150 ships, but they jumped the gun. IMP with Battlestars invaded with only 45 ships and took on a fleet of 120 enemy vessels. The battle lasted nearly two hours with IMPERIUM losing only 5 ships and enemy losses mounted up to over 95 ships. When the rest of the invasion force arrived, it was easy for IMPERIUM and Battlestars to settle into the Outer Ring and create a new home.

As guerilla wars were being fought against a determined NORAD Alliance, both factions eventually gained respect for each other. NORAD and IMPERIUM then became allies. It was during this time that Rual Storge, CEO of Battlestars, had finished his schooling & accepted a professor position at one of the local colleges. He handed over the reigns of Battlestars to DREDD.

Under the corporation leadership the corp became a fully functional Democracy, grew 10 fold, and participated in countless battles against BoB, which is listed as an eternal enemy of Battlestars. Battlestars has commanded large Fleet battles under the the NVA, PA, CA, IMPERIUM, the NEW CA, and has recently joined Goonswarm.

In late May 2007 an agreement was reached with the gaming community, "Freedom Guard" where Battlestars would join the community and all FG members within EvE would join the Battlestars Corporation. In addition to Freedom Guard, Battlestars has accepted two other mergers with Aegis Incorporated, a small mercenary corporation, and Parabird Industries. Battlestars plans to continue expanding to become some of Goonswarm's toughest fighters.

In late Oct 2007 BTLS was given the job of taking QS-530 station system as part of the Alliance push through Esoteria. The initial assault secured the system and 10 large towers were dropped. When EXE didn't respond, the corp camped them into their station and incapped the mods on their towers. This allowed the RSF combined cap fleet to rapidly reinforce then a few hours later. EXE made a couple attempts to break out over the next week, but never regained control of the system. About a month after holding the system, the station was turned over to LDLQ, so we could focus on the fight in Catch.



Shilo - Director, Empire Logistics

Ty'r - Director, Industry

Betadurin - Director, CFO, Logistics/Moon Minning

Pluckie - Director, Pvp Euro time zone

TigCobra - Director, Corp Diplomat - TigCobra if you can't get ahold of DREDD.

Yaacov - Director, Industry

Valia Deluri - Director, Logistics/Moon Minning

Todd 3465 - Director, recruitment

Out of this leadership, Only DREDD & Tigcobra are allowed to deal with the alliance at the corp level.

Other Information

Battlestars In-Game Website