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Order of Elite Games
Corporation Ticker OEG
Member of Goonswarm
Standings to Goonfleet +10
Corp Status Active
Велкам ту зе Хелл

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A former member corporation of Red Alliance, OEG is now a Goonswarm member. [1]

Papa Digger is the current CEO who is highly respected by Goons and RA members. Likewise, OEG garners much respect for their PVP prowess.


OEG - the first Russian clan in Freelancer, created by pilots who communicated at forum "Elite Games". The founder - Elfree. The Date of creation on August, 5th, 2003.

Elfree flied seldom, for a long time vanished \xE2\x80\xA6 and once has disappeared. Order has fallen asleep. In October, 2003 Major has taken the power in hand. The board of the Major was short, but very rough.

On voting by new head OEG by a majority of votes have chosen Dameron. After this OEG has again fallen asleep a deep dream.

Active pilots have left to play on K-play.de PvP#1, server Elite have closed, and seldom flying pilots were simply dissolved. By the subsequent voting by the head of the Orden has been chosen Hans Gugensolder, supervising OEG to this day.

In the spring 2005 Order's pilots actively plays two games. In Freelancer OEG had permanent "total war", and in Star Wind - "Galactic War" (OEG against all. OEG has won:Р) came to an end. Members of the Order searched for new interesting game "about space". Zedd and Crush (known in Eve as Papa Digger, ex-сeo Reuni0n) have suggested to play EVE.


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