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What is OPSEC?

Operations Security (OPSEC) is a way of keeping information about our alliance and its operations away from enemy spies. Since the invasion of the south, we have been subject to spies in our corp, on our forums and in our gangs. OPSEC is a way of minimising the likelyhood of sensitive information leaking to our enemies.

OPSEC is not hard. It is mostly common sense and if you can't follow it you are most likely a moron or a pubbie and need to GTFO.

General Opsec

Do not give any information in public channels

This includes Channel passwords, Fleet/Gang locations, Names of Fleet Commanders, or pretty much anything that could be of any use to our enemies. GFHelp is a public channel so be careful when talking there. Even in private channels (and *especially* in password-protected channels), there is a good chance the channel is compromised, so talking about any sensitive information should be limited to private conversations or gang/fleet chat whenever possible.

Do not talk in local

Don't talk in local with hostiles present, don't ever think about talking in local if there are neutrals present. If you don't know if someone is hostile or friendly, don't talk in local. If you have something you really really want to say in local, then remember that you're not funny and you don't talk in local when there are neutrals/hostiles present. The rules for public chat apply to local too.

If you have local open, keep it in a seperate window away from all your other channel windows. This will stop you accidentally posting in it instead of whatever channel you meant to type stuff in.

Don't Post on EVE-O. Ever

Even if a director tells you it is ok to do so it probably isn't and they're probably drunk or something. Just don't.

The ban on Eve-O posting has currently been lifted, but do so at your own risk. Individual bans restricting Eve-O posting are still handed down by the directorate

Update: This is no longer true, post whatever the fuck you want so long as it isn't something from an op thread or intel or whatever.

Fleet/Gang Opsec

All of these apply in a gang or operation unless you are specifically told that OPSEC has been lifted by the FC or a director.

Do not give away gang locations or objectives

Do not state gang locations, destinations, composition, objectives, who the fc is or anything at all about the op that could be used against us in general channels while you are still under OPSEC. General channels include GSIntel, GSDef, GSBullshit, GFMoney, Alliance, Corp and your squad channel.

Do not post op details on the forums

If you can't talk about it in GFGBS, you can't post it on the forums, unless the FC specifically says so. General comments should be ok (e.g "Oh god we just murdered an LV fleet"), but no specific information about anything (ie, we just put 1 tower into reinforced we're anchoring a new one now) until the FC says it is ok.