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Slosh Ops


A Slosh Op is where alcohol is mainly mandatory. There are generally set rules for drinking, but common choices are for every kill, every death, ever jump past a certain distance (50AU), anything that seems like a good idea at the time. Cheap and disposable ships are a good plan, a dictor, and DPS cruisers. Also, if you have people who have insurance running out on their BS, this is a great opportunity! Of course, with alcohol around poor judgment abounds, so if you start drinking early, it's a perfect time to bring out that Navy Megathron.

If you do have people who insist on coming along without drinking, they should be forced to drink large amount of water and sing for your amusement before they go piss.

A good checklist:

  • Check Clones
  • Make sure everyone ate something, has water
  • Bucket or trashcan nearby
  • A Good GFFM DJ
  • Someone recording Teamspeak if possible
  • A pet pubbie
  • Some sort of consistent naming scheme for ships

It's a bad idea to go anywhere NEAR Empire on a Sloshop as dumb Goons will shoot hostiles who are not War targets.

Early on, the ops were typically led by Lenny Lowcut and involved drunkenly flying into a system or a series of systems and just fucking everything up. He was ridiculously good at pulling this off, up until he tried to use goons to move ships for him under the pretense of a slosh op. Other slosh op FCs of note include Tolon and Rex Hargrove.

Slosh ops have featured shit like:


There is lots of shouting. Usually by Tolon.

Ops like these have spawned things like these:

  • [1] - Recording by Innominate of one of Rex Hargrove's 50au Ops. Large file, bad singing.

Stuff Stolen From The Forums

Tolon on his game crashing

Tolon: Gangboss, I need an invite

Me: Ok, just type in GS&RED


Tolon, two seconds later

I just realized you're the one inviting me, I shouldnt' call you a faggot

Tolon on people not aligning

"If you dont' fucking align I'm going to fuck all your sisters. Actually, wait, Joe, my brother who none of you know, he's here. HEY! These fuckers won't align and they've got too many sisters do you want to handle some of their sisters? There are a lot of them I need help on this. He says you're all space nerds."

Tolon on an enemy appearing at the same gate as us

"KILL HIM KILL HIM FUCKING KILL HI---Aw fuck. His sister's a whore.

On saying your name in Teamspeak

Random guy: I've got a couple BS's and cruisers near me! Tolon: ALRIGHT EVERYBODY WARP TO "I" YOU STUPID FUCKING FUCK. SAY YOUR FUCKING NAME.