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The Serious Business Fleet Doctrine

The is our living fleet doctrine, which the majority of Goonswarm's fleets are based around. The general characteristics include mandatory Microwarpdrives, heavy emphasis on Electronic Warfare, standardized overviews, and encouraging our pilots to only fly the ships that have the most to contribute to our fleets. Scattered throughout the ship setup articles you will see the serious business icon, which indicates that a setup an acceptable setup to fly on our fleet ops.

In order to incentivize flying the ships we approve of, and to help our pilots spent more time fighting, we have a reimbursement program that partially pays for losses accrued on official fleet ops.

The Six Ship Roles

  • 1) Sniper - Long range battleships.
  • 2) DPS/Tackler BS - Close range battleships who can't afford/use t2 large guns.
  • 3) Support - Frigates, interceptors, dictors, fast or heavy hacs/cruisers.
  • 4) Anti-Support - Sniping HACs, Battlecruisers.
  • 5) Anti-Anti-Support - Drakes.
  • 6) EWar - Anything with ECM, Sensor Dampeners, or Tracking Disruptors.


Reimbursable: Rokh, Apocalypse, Abaddon, Megathron, Tempest

  • Battleship - This overview has battleships and only battleships
  • Anti-Support - Heavy Assault Ship, Recon, Battlecruiser
  • Tackler - Assault Ship, Frigate, Interceptor, Interdictor
  • Fighters - Fighter Drone
  • All - Everything from capsules to capital ships.

Battleships are primary. We'll go alphabetically or reverse alphabetically taking preference to tempests, megathrons, and armageddons. If nobody is calling primaries then you go down the list alphabetically and choose the first target that's in range. Please note that when I call primaries or tell people to switch overviews, I am ONLY talking to battleship pilots. I expect all battleships to have these same overviews so there are no surprises.

These ships must have around a 130km optimal. MWD depends on the op and FC. If your optimal is at least 130km then go with more tank and less gank.

In the worst laggy fights, the ones where you can't do anything for minutes at a time, you need to lock up the first 3 targets and put 2 or 3 guns on each. Half of your time is spent just waiting for guns to activate, so this is quite a bit more efficient.

DPS/Tackler BS:

Since t1 snipers are pretty much worthless, this is the next best thing to t2 snipers. The main difficulty with close range battleships is managing to actually get in range in a laggy fleet environment. You can either wait for an interceptor to provide a warpin, or warp to a wreck near the hostile fleet and MWD to get in range. Sometimes you'll need to MWD away from the hostile fleet in order to get 150km away and warp to them.

These ships can either fit t1 long range guns loaded with close range ammo for some versatility, or use blasters/pulses/autocannons/torpedos if you think you're particularly talented (not recommended for 99% of goons). In both cases, the ships must fit an MWD, warp disruptor, and capacitor booster. Fit a smartbomb if possible so you don't just get killed by their sniper's drones, but be extremely careful not to use it within range of our own interceptors and frigates.

Long range gun/Close ammo setup: You will tackle and shoot primaries.

Close range guns/close range ammo: You will need to fit a web. You'll ignore primaries and tackle and kill your own battleship targets. Try to avoid ships that have normally have a tank, and focus on tempests, geddons, megathrons, apocs, and scorpions.

In extremely laggy fights both styles should ignore primaries and kill your own battleship targets.

If there's any possibility of the fight being laggy, be sure to set your MWD to not auto-repeat.


Scimitar, Vagabond, Stabber, Maller, all Frigates, all Interceptors, all Interdictors

Tackle battleships. Depending on lag and scale of the engagement, the FC might request that all points be put on the primary target. If it's requested that you "spread your points" then when you get a tackle call it out on teamspeak, or type "point on xxx". Remember that battleships are primary targets, so don't fucking tackle a command ship while there's still battleships on grid. Also keep in mind that tackling someone out of range of our snipers is next to useless. If you're flying an interdictor, BoB will often align to the same point, try to drop a bubble slightly in front of them rather than directly on top of them.

When I say fast or heavy HACs/cruisers I mostly mean the Stabber, Maller, Scimitar, Vagabond, or similar ships. A Caracal is neither fast, nor heavy. If you like the support role I want you training for a Scimitar. Interceptors can get a warp in, but they're not going to last long tackling against a BoB gang. You only need 1 interceptor for a warp in, but a fleet with a bunch of scimitars would be very deadly.

These ships always require an MWD.

In extremely laggy fights support has a really hard time being useful, but try to tackle battleships or find things you're capable of killing solo.


Hurricane, Harbinger, Eagle, Muninn, Vulture, Zealot, Sleipnir, Rapier, Huginn

Stay with the battleships and kill tacklers. Be ready to retreat to the opposite side of the battleships from the hostile fleet to stay out of anti-anti-support range. Your job is to protect the battleships. Interdictors are the most important to kill. Once tacklers are dead, gone, or out of range, HACs can switch to the Anti-Anti-Support role. I want all Hurricane and Harbinger to initially do Anti-Support.

These ships always require an MWD.

In extremely laggy fights just find things you can kill solo or shoot primaries.

Recomended Overview



Drakes are the only type of ship I want solely focusing on the anti-anti-support role. Tackle and shoot the hell out of eagles, muninns, zealots, and slow moving vagabonds. If there's no anti-support in range then tackle and shoot primaries. These ships always require an MWD. In extremely laggy fights just find things you can kill solo or shoot primaries.


Reimbursable: Scorpion. Not reimbursable: Blackbird, Falcon, Rook

DO NOT PUT IT ON PRIMARIES. Put ECM on anti-support HACs and battleships. Spread out EW by putting it on targets alphabetically close to your own name. Sensor Damps and Tracking Disruptors are worthless now with scripts, use ECM or find a different role.

MWD depends on the op and FC.

In extremely laggy fights find a battleship target to match each racial and just keep them on them through the duration of the fight. This will effectively keep every battleship you have a jammer on permajammed because they won't be able to lock and activate their guns before you break their lock again.


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