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  • Clean Overview - Only have names, distance, and the ship class that you will be firing on. Remove velocity, pods, wrecks, etc. This will optimize your eve client performance and allow you to focus on your targets.
  • Minimize the overview before warping in on a fuckload of crap, maximize the overview when the grid has loaded.
  • Disable sounds, turret effects, every graphics option you can find, and chat logging. (ctrl-alt-shift-f12 to turn off sound, ctrl-alt-shift-e and ctrl-alt-shift-t to turn off turrets and effects) (also, check "use LOD" well before you jump in). Disable the depth buffer.
  • Close all non-essential chat windows.
  • Turn off all color-tags/background colors in your overview settings.
  • Minimize all chat windows, local, and overview before jumping into a system where you expect to fight. Zoom the fuck out as soon as everything loads.
  • Have turn off as many Brackets as you can. See Overview Settings for how to do this.
  • When/if the node crashes you will relog immediately. You will be staring at a black screen saying "Entering Game". You are in a queue. If you relog again, then you will be put in the back of the queue so do not relog, just wait and the server will eventually let you in. Make a cup of tea or something if it's taking a while.
  • God fucking christ do not ever speak on TS or in chat unless it's vitally important. If you lag warped, SHUT UP, if you have lag, SHUT UP, if you have a bad itch, SHUT UP, if you need a gang invite, SHUT UP. Don't ask about other people having lag either. The only reason you would have unique lag would be if you forgot to close your torrent client or something retarded like that, in which case you deserve to die.
  • You do NOT need to have an invite to be part of the gang. Get on TS and follow instructions. Fleet Commanders are urged to name the TS channel according to the op, try to figure out what channel you should be in.
  • Turn off your CSPA charges. These are extremely annoying to veterans, and the mark of a newbie.