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In Eve online, you can have up to three characters attached to your account. These characters are known as Alts. While you can only have one skill training at a time across all of your characters, they are still a useful asset when used correctly. Alts can also refer to characters you own on separate accounts, although these are more of "secondary mains".


Alt Creation

Recent changes to the skill system in Apocrypha has made alt creation both easier and more difficult. Alt creation and training now takes careful planning so as to reduce the amount of time spent not training your main. In the past, new characters started with 800k skill points. This allowed the creation of a variety of "quick alts" that had the necessary skills for very specific activities. While limited in their usefulness, these quick alts required no extra training, an important feature as you can only train one skill per account.

With the recent Apocrypha patch, new characters start with a standardized skill sheet containing only 50k worth of skills. In exchange for being entirely useless as a newbee, CCP has added a 2x training modifier until you pass 1.6m SP. This double training time is truly a boon- instead of having 500k sp in some level 5 skills you probably don't want, you can focus the SP into skills you do, and have them in a faster time than you could have with an old style alt.

Each new character starts with the following:


Electronics III
Engineering III
Shield Operation II
Gunnery II
Small Racial Turret III (Hybrid for Gallente/Caldari, Projectile for Minmatar, Energy for Amarr
Mining II
Mechanic II
Navigation III
Science III
Spaceship Command III
Racial Frigate II


Intelligence - 8
Perception - 8
Charisma - 7
Willpower - 8
Memory - 8
Two Neural Remaps

As you can see, the only difference in races is what racial frigate you get, and what turret weapon you have. Everything else is the same. This can lead to a variety of alts that are uniquely focused on a specific area and able to get there relatively quickly. This applies to both quick alts and long term, highly focused characters (like capital ship pilots). Unfortunately, quick-alts will require several days of training away from your main.

It should also be noted that all characters start with Science III, meaning you can train Cybernetics I in a matter of a couple of minutes and plug +3 implants in.

Alt Security

This information is relevant to trade and other non-combative alts.

Your Alt is in no way connected to your Main. You want to keep it that way. While you will spend your time in high-security space, if our enemies work out who your Alt is, they may suicide attack your ship if they think it will be worth it. Do not set personal standings towards anyone. A director of a corp can (I assume) see that you hate them, and quickly work out that you are an Alt for one of their enemies. Do not even set GoonSwarm to good standings, while our security is good your identity may be revealed. You want to remain a faceless individual who comes and goes without being noticed.

Do not talk in any chat channel ever. Keep yourself to yourself. Don't ever tell Hoegaarden the name of your Alt or he will post screenshots so you have to delete them and start fresh ones. Do not switch between Alt and Main in the same system. Someone watching Local may notice your Alt logoff, you logon, you logoff, then your Alt logon again. Instant red flag, and it doesn't take a genius to put one and one together.

Liquidate yourself regularly. It takes 10 Hours to delete an Alt. Have one spare slot free and change alts every couple of months. Either sell all your stuff, or contract it to your main to be sent back to your next Alt. Don't forget your bookmarks.

Alt Possibilities

The Market Spy

The first good use of an Alt is for price checking. Dock it in Rens or any other system and login to check the market price of equipment you may have picked up in your travels.

The Courier

Don't fancy hauling your stuff through hostile Empire space? Take it into empire as far as you are prepared to take out your Alt, and dump it in a station. Make sure the station is not a popular one, and is not frequented by our enemies. The lower your profile the better. Contract your stuff to your Alt, then immediately leave the system. I tend to wait about an hour before coming in with my Alt. Pick up the goods and move them to wherever you want them to be delivered.

The Salesman

The most common reason for moving stuff to empire is to sell it. Alts are great for this, you can move large quantities of minerals around freely, and as long as the default number of sell orders (5) is enough you can simply sell and transfer the ISK back to your main whenever you like.

NOTE: You don't have to login with your Alt to check its balance, if you click on it in the character select screen you can see it balance quickly before logging in with your Main. This lets you quickly know if your sell orders have been filled.

External Monitoring programs such as EVEMon also will show your balance per character. The latest version (with the full API key) allows you to monitor your buy/sell queue.

The Ship Fitter

Fitting a ship can be a pain. You buy the ship in one location, and then have to run around picking up the required fittings. Be smart and use an Alt, buy the ship and all the fittings with the alt, then run around and get everything in one place (you probably won't be able to move the ship itself). Contract it to your main so next time you are in the area you will already have the ship and all the fittings ready to go.

It's nice to podjump into Scol for some empire gankage and have several small ships complete with fittings there waiting for you.


Scamming with any character, in Goonfleet or not, is fine with us. However, some pubbies may be aware of our reputation so you may have more success using an alt that is unaffiliated with GoonSwarm. CCP has no problem with using disposable alts for scamming.

Bad Alt Possibilities

Scamming Timecards or Characters

Doing either of these will get the alt account banned, and can possibly have your main banned if you transfer the money. CCP is incredibly twitchy with the timecard banhammer.

Along the same lines, never do timecard business with a character under a month old, or one in the newbie corp. A common scam is where one person buys the card, emails the code to a friend, and then petitions it as a scam. Nearly impossible to trace, and CCP bans first and asks questions later. For this reason, many GoonSwarm members (myself included) refuse to do TC business with anyone outside the alliance. If you do timecard reselling, do it with a separate account and hold onto the money for a week or two before transferring it to your main. It's not a perfect solution, but it'll lessen the blow if you're hit with this one.

Suicide Ganking in Empire

A couple members have recently discovered this one. Using disposable alts or trial accounts to suicide into industrials is prohibited and will result in a ban for your main. Doing this in your main, on the other hand, is just fine and can be insanely profitable.

As a general rule, if it circumvents normal punishments - in this case, security status - it's a bad idea and probably bannable.

Quick Alts

Quick alts generally train in a short amount of time, from a few days to a week or two. The idea behind quick-alts is to roll a highly specialized character that can be trained on your main account very quickly. Good examples are cyno alts, POS gunners, trade alts and PEV production alts.

Cyno Alt

Cyno pilot, can light 2-3 cynos depending on racial frigate. Trains in about 4 days.

POS Gunner and Cyno Alt

Similar to Cyno alt above, except with the addition of Starbase Defense Management IV. Can light 2-3 cynos and control up to four POS modules. Anchoring and SDM are Mem/Char skills, making it a painful grind for non-specialized characters. Trains in about 15 days.

Osprey POS Recharging Alt

Fly and fit the Low Skill POSprey as fast as possible. Trains in 4 days, 3 with a remap.

Barebones Freighter Pilot

Trains into a barebones freighter in about 16 days. More training will be needed to make the freighter more useful (ie. Racial Freighter III, Evasive Maneuvering, etc).

Basic Market Alt

Trains a basic (but very functional) market alt in about 5 days (or 20 days for two lvl V skills).

Corp Issued Fleet Rifter Alt

Trains a basic Fleet Rifter alt. Suitable for leaving ready at the frontlines or in contested areas you may not wish your main to get trapped in. Trains in a day and a half without implants.

Reimbursable Tacklemaller Alt

Trains an alt capable of using the Tacklemaller while meeting reimbursal requirements. Suitable for leaving ready at the frontlines or in contested areas you may not wish your main to get trapped in. Trains in just short of a week without implants.

Ultimate Frigate and Cruiser Alt

Trains an alt capable of using a wide variety of frigates and cruisers, including Tacklemallers, Tackling frigates, POSpreys, Blackbirds, Waterboys and more. Trains in just over 10 days without implants.

Long Term Alts

Long term alts are highly focused and optimized characters that are designed to get to a single goal quickly. It is recommended that these alts be trained on separate accounts since their skill plans can be exceptionally long. As such, these characters are more of "secondary mains" than true alternate characters.

Revelation Dreadnought Pilot

Trains into a Revelation Dreadought in about 300 days (10 months).

Thanatos Carrier Pilot

Trains into a Thanatos Carrier in about 243 days (8 months).

Barebones Rorqual Alt

Trains into a Rorqual hull in about 62 days. Additional training required for logistical or mining support skills. Not rigorously optimized.

Jump Freighter Alt

Trains into a Jump Freighter in about 75 Days. Not rigorously optimized.

Alt Corp Alt

Trains into several ships and skills used to run an alt corp in about 3 months.

PVP Alts PVE Alts PVP Capital Alts
Alts - Master alt list. Freighter Alt - A quick freighter pilot. Revelation Alt - Amarr dreadnought pilot.
Cyno Alt - Cyno skills. Jump Freighter Alt - A quick jump freighter pilot. Naglfar Alt - Minmatar dreadnought pilot.
POS Gunner Cyno Alt - POS guns & cyno skills. Rorqual Alt - Rorq hull Thanatos Alt - Gallente carrier pilot.
RSB Alts - Remote sensor boosting pilot. Market Alt - Basic market skills.
Fleet Rifter Alt - Fleet rifter pilot. Alt Corp Alt - Alt corp ships and skills.
Tacklemaller Alt - Heavy tackler, armor skills. Lab Alt - Research and copying.
Frigate and Cruiser Alt - Pilot various useful fleet roles. Production Alt - Making and selling goods.
Osprey POS Recharging Alt - Pilot a POSprey.


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