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Capital ships are classified as any type of ship that needs the 'Advanced Spaceship Command' skill to fly, these being freighters, jump freighters, capital industrial ships, carriers, motherships, dreadnoughts and titans.

Generally speaking, all of these ships are extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive (billions of isk) and extremely limited, usually only practically useful with support from a large fleet of normal ships. With a support fleet, these are the deadliest ships in the game; without, they are very large targets.

Apart from the freighters, all capital ships cannot use stargates. Instead they have a jump drive, which used to directly jump from one system to another through the use of a Cyno Field on the receiving end. The largest Capital Ships, Titans and Motherships, cannot even dock at stations.

These ships are huge, expensive, take enormous amounts of skills to fly, and are each powerful in their own right.



A freighter class vessel is a very large transport ship. Freighters are very expensive (around 850 million ISK) and very slow, but are capable of hauling immense amounts of cargo, as much as 150 times that of a regular industrial ship. Freighters are considered Capital Ships, but require comparatively modest skills to fly, chiefly racial Industrial V and Advanced Spaceship Command I.

Amarr: Providence (735,000 m3)

Caldari: Charon (785,000 m3)

Gallente: Obelisk (750,000 m3)

Minmatar: Fenrir (720,000 m3)

Due to their cost and vulnerability, not to mention the potentially staggering value of their cargo, freighters are rarely seen outside empire.

Unlike the other capital ships, freighters are unable to preform cynosural jumps, and also lack any slots whatsoever.

Jump Freighters

Jump freighters are freighters that can use either standard jumpgates (like regular freighters) or a built-in jumpdrive (like capital ships). They cost about four times as much as a freighter and have about a third of the capacity. The jump capability, however, makes up for this limitation and jump freighters are becoming the backbone of many logistics operations.

Amarr: Ark (220,500 m3)

Caldari: Rhea (235,500 m3)

Gallente: Anshar (225,000 m3)

Minmatar: Nomad (216,000 m3)


Carriers require slightly less training than a dreadnought (as they do not need capital turrets or siege modules), have a longer jump range, and a greater (total) cargo capacity. They possess a ship maintenance bay (allowing friendly ships to refit in the field) and a hanger capable of carrying frigate class vessels. They're also more useful for non-POS pvp, as their fighter drones are effective against non-capital ships. As such, many pilots train for carriers first, as the more generally useful ship, and then proceed on to dreadnoughts afterwards.

Carriers do, however, still cost around a billion ISK for the hull alone (not to mention the 450 million isk for the skillbook). They are also limited in that a carrier's only offensive mechanisms are its drones: while carriers have multiple high slots, they have no missile or turret slots, and the highslots are usually used to fit either drone control mods or gang assist bonus mods.

Amarr Carrier: Archon

Caldari Carrier: Chimera

Gallente Carrier: Thanatos

Minmatar Carrier: Nidhoggur

Fighter Drones

Fighter drones are the largest and most expensive drones available, costing about 20 million ISK each. They combine the speed and maneuverability of a T2 frigate with the firepower and durability of a cruiser. Use of fighter drones requires Drone Interfacing at V (which you'll have anyway if you're a carrier pilot) and the Leadership skill at V as well.

The real brilliance of fighters, however, is the fact that they can go anywhere in the same system, and once assigned to a ship - friendly or hostile - will follow it through warp. This means that once a hostile carrier assigns its fighters to you and you warp off, they will follow you and kill you unless the carrier's owner recalls them. Your saving grace in such a situation is that fighters are slow in warp, meaning that once you reach your destination you have a few seconds to realign and warp again. You will have to keep warping until either the carrier calls them off - they will follow you through a double- triple- warp - or if they aren't called off, you can lead them into a friendly fleet, where they will promptly be destroyed. Docking, cloaking, moving inside a POS' shields, or exiting the system via a jumpgate will stop the fighters from following.

When a fighter is assigned to a friendly ship, it will follow that ship around and assist it if the ship encounters hostiles.

A carrier can field up to fifteen fighters - one per level of the Drones skill, one per level of the Racial Carrier skill, and one per Drone Control Unit, which require 1 level of Advanced Drone interfacing per DCU.


Motherships are much larger than their carrier counterparts, but are comparatively very rare, both because of the prohibitive cost - reported prices are between 18 and 28 billion ISK - and the fact that possessing one can draw an unwanted amount of attention from nearby powerblocs. Motherships have the ability to hold both frigates and cruiser class ships in their hangar, and can field three fighters per level of Racial Carrier, for a maximum of twenty. The huge tactical advantage of the mothership is that it can fit a Clone Bay, allowing pilots to respawn in the field. Motherships can also fit up to six warfare link modules - one per level of Racial Carrier. They are immune to all forms of electronic warfare, including warp scrambling, making them extremely difficult to kill. Finally, like carriers, they can perform cynosural jumps.

The one limit to motherships is that they are unable to dock, and as such, are always vulnerable. The theory behind killing a mothership is that you must hunt down and destroy all of the owner's player owned stations. This removes any safe havens it can hide in. The best the owner can then do is safespot it, at which point it is completely vulnerable once found.

Amarr Mothership: Aeon

Caldari Mothership: Wyvern

Gallente Mothership: Nyx

Minmatar Mothership: Hel

For more information on Motherships, see the entry for Motherships.


Dreadnoughts are capable of dealing out and taking larger amounts of damage than any other ship in the game. Unfortunately, due to their excessive cost (~1bn for the hull alone), excessive skill requirements and almost complete lack of maneuverability, they are rarely used for anything but player owned station sieges where no other ship type would be able to tank the station's guns or break the station's shields in any acceptable amount of time.

Amarr Dreadnought: Revelation

Caldari Dreadnought: Phoenix

Gallente Dreadnought: Moros

Minmatar Dreadnought: Naglfar

Like most other capital ships, Dreadnoughts are able to execute cynosural jumps, though with a far more limited range than that of a carrier. Dreadnoughts are also the only ship able to fit Siege Modules, which although immobilizing the ship and turning already terrible tracking to horrific, drastically improve their damage and tanking capabilities.

The counter to Dreadnoughts is a battleship fleet. Although dreadnoughts have massive offensive and defensive capabilities, the tracking on XL weaponry is low enough to render Dreadnoughts useless against anything other than other capital ships. Twenty battleships will take down a dreadnought in short order and sustain few if any casualties.

This, combined with the huge ISK sink a dreadnought represents, means that they are hardly ever deployed unless the area is completely secure or a battleship fleet far larger than the opponent's is standing by to eliminate any threat to the dreadnought.


Titans are the largest and most powerful vessels in Eve. They can transport battleships like carriers do frigates, can fit multiple XL-class weapons and have huge amounts of armor and shields. Like Motherships, they can fit a clone bay and are immune to electronic warfare modules. In addition to being able to fit up to six Gang Warfare modules, they provide massive bonuses to the gang: the Leviathan for example, gives 7.5% extra shield to each ship in the gang per level of Racial Titan.

Amarr Titan: Avatar

Caldari Titan: Leviathan

Gallente Titan: Erebus

Minmatar Titan: Ragnarok

Perhaps the two most important abilities of Titans is in two modules unique to them: the Doomsday weapon and the Capital Jump Bridge Array. The former allows for the deployment of an area of effect weapon dealing thousands of damage to the area around the Titan. The latter allows for the formation of a cynosural portal between the Titan and any ship equipped with a Cynosural Field Generator, which friendlies can then use as a make-shift jumpgate.

Building a titan costs around 35 billion isk in raw materials. The total cost is much higher, as massive amounts of logistics are required, the BPO costs 65B isk, and the tower must be fueled for 3 months. Such an endeavor requires the participation of hundreds or thousands of pilots and a large amount of infrastructure.

Destroyed Titans:

Avatar owned by Ascendant Frontier, lost to Band of Brothers in C9N-CC on December 11, 2006. Pilot logged out with aggression, was probed out, and destroyed.
Erebus owned by Dusk and Dawn, lost to Band of Brothers in YZ-LQL on February 16, 2007. Pilot was aggressed as he logged out, was probed out, and destroyed.
Avatar under construction by Lotka Volterra, lost to Goonswarm and Red Alliance in JV1V-O on February 16, 2007. Destroyed before completion.
Avatar owned by Band of Brothers, lost to Goonswarm and Red Alliance in 46DP-O on June 22, 2007. Stuck in system after a doomsday; decloaked, bubbled, destroyed.
Ragnarok owned by Mercenary Coalition, lost to Against All Authorities in FAT-6P on September 28, 2007. Probed out when logging out at downtime, jumped on and destroyed upon logging back in.
Avatar owned by Band of Brothers, lost to Goonswarm and Pandemic Legion in H-ADOC, Curse on Jan 3, 2009 by a subcapital fleet led by DBRB. Baited by a gang of 15 Pandemic Legion HACs on the station. Titan warped in to doomsday the HAC gang, which dodged it by warping to an interceptor 300km out, the titan was then tackled by a cloaking hictor, 15 secs later 180ish goons arive (DBRB's Gate camp), 30 secs before titan pops another 100 IRC/ED arrives.

See also Supercapital Deaths.

Special Considerations

Capital tanking modules are not affected by warfare links or the Crystal set of Pirate Implants. This is by design.


In order to be elgible for reimbursement of a lost capital hull, the ship must be lost on an approved Op, and you must have the following skills:

  • Dreads 4
  • Capital weapon skills 4
  • Tactical reconfig 4
  • Capital rep 2
  • JDC4/JDFC3
  • Engineering cap skills at 4
  • Carriers 4
  • Fighters 4
  • Advanced Drone Interfacing 2
  • Capital rep 2
  • JDC4/JDFC3
  • Engineering cap skills at 4


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