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Pidgin Configuration and FAQs


  • Protocol: XMPP
  • Screen name: <Forum Name> (stripped of any spaces and non alpha-numeric characters) **Note spaces in your name should be replaced with underscores**
  • Domain: goonfleet.com
  • Resource: Home (used to indicate what computer; ie "laptop," "work," or "phone")
  • Password: heythisismypasswordkay (External Services password [1])
  • Local alias: <Forum Name>
  • Advanced Tab (only do this if you have a problem with above setup; it is NOT NECESSARY): Connect server: jabber.goonfleet.com
  • Tools > Room List for the list of channels
  • Buddies > Add Group > "Favourite Gay Channels" or whatever to create a group for your favourite channels (GFGBS etc). Then right click on a channel in the Room List and select Add. You can fill in custom nicknames and stuff in there - and store it under the Favourite Channels group.

This is how you should configure Gaim/Pidgin to get connected and join conference rooms: These screenshots are from GAIM 1.5 so they are slightly different from the latest version of Pidgin. Most of it is pretty close.

image:Jabber1.jpg image:Jabber2.jpg image:Jabber3.jpg jabber4.jpg jabber5.jpg

Pidgin FAQ

Get a list of all available conference rooms

Tools -> Room List

Automatically join conferences when connecting

Add the conference you want under Buddies -> Add Chat..., then find it on your buddy list, right click it and mark Auto-join.

Suppress all those "X has entered the room, Y has left the room"

Enable "Join/Part Hiding" under Tools -> Plugins. Set the minimum room size to 0.

Make sure you're running 2.0.2 as the plugin is not present on previous versions.

Turn off smooth scrolling

Preferences -> Conversations -> Smooth Scrolling

Keep chat open even if you close window

Right click the chat in your buddy list and select "Persistent"

Pidgin Emote Packs

Download the SAGF emoticon pack and copy the 'SAGF' directory in the zip file to %APPDATA%\.purple\smileys and then select SAGF in Pidgin under tools > preferences > smiley themes.