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What is it

Jabber is an IM protocol which offers secure chatter, chat rooms, contact groups (all the directors are in one group so you can see who's on and get in touch etc). Goonfleet runs a Jabber server at jabber.goonfleet.com. You log into it with your external services login and password (you should all have one)

Why you should use it

You can hang out with your squadmates while you're at work, school or otherwise not playing eve. Besides, directors always send out important op announcements as Jabber broadcasts.

Generic Setup

This section describes in broad terms how to configure a jabber client to connect to GoonFleet's jabber service. You can find more specific information within each client's GS specific page (if available).

What's Available?

  • GFGBS has been created as a persistent conference. Anybody can join this conference. It's the IM version of SpaceGBS.
  • Users are allowed to create other conference rooms. They can be private or public, the choice is yours.
  • The Directors group has been published but until the presence issue is fixed the remaining groups will remain 'hidden' to avoid possibly breaking things more

How do I log in?

  • First visit https://goonfleet.com/esa/ and setup a password. If you have already done this, you will not need to do this again.
  • Download a Jabber client. Supported Jabber clients are listed below. Spark is the 'official' GoonFleet Jabber client. If you need support for other clients just ask, I'm sure others have done it.
  • Connect to 'goonfleet.com' using your username and password.
  • All communication between the client and the server is encrypted. You will need to make sure that your client supports TLS and has it enabled. Note: SSL is not the same as TLS. If your client supports SSL but not TLS you probably will not be able to connect.
  • Idle in GSGBS for all of the latest updates.
  • Enjoy!

Jabber Clients

The following is a list of Jabber clients people have been using with the GoonFleet Jabber service as well as a link to configuration information and FAQs specific to GoonFleet (where applicable)

Is JabberFleet only GoonFleet?

No! Any corporation with forums access (IE, all GS corps + Allies) can sign up!


This section has been moved to GS Pidgin info and FAQs and will be deleted soon.

Conferences in Adium

This section has been moved to GS Adium info and FAQs and will be deleted soon.

Why not IRC?

Because you need to have one unified method for joe average and people like cap pilots and directors, and jabber allows much enhanced security for those other groups. If all else fails, use SPARK but the fucker's based on Java and is horribly slow and buggy.

If some important shit comes up people can send out broadcasts and tell you to log in and x cause seriously OUR PARTICIPAISHUN BACKBOAN!!

Emote Packs


Download the SAGF emoticon pack and copy the 'SAGF' directory in the zip file to %APPDATA%\.purple\smileys and then select SAGF as your Smiley Theme in Pidgin under tools > preferences > themes.


James Duar converted the (old) Pidgin icon pack and made it available here.


Current icon pack, hardly tested, is here. Complain to Bremen Saki if it's fucked. Dalaxi's (Old) Pidgin emote pack for Adium is still here.


Dalaxi is some fag who doesn't play so the old link stopped working. Mynnna converted the latest SAGF pack for pidgen but it doesn't work with 0.12; it can be found here. Unzip into Gajim\data\emoticons on Windows or /usr/share/gajim/data/emoticons on Ubuntu, then go to Preferences and select SAGF from the emoticons list on the general tab.

Other Clients

You may find SA icon packs for several clients here. Note that these do not include any GoonFleet-specific icons.

Common mistakes

Wrong Password

You must use the external services password to connect to jabber. Do not try to use your forums password.

Login is case sensitive,

Unable to join conference rooms

The server that hosts the conferences is conference.goonfleet.com, which is different from the main connection server. If you are getting 404 errors when joining rooms, make sure this isn't happening.

Pidgin FAQ

This section has been moved to GS Pidgin info and FAQs and will be deleted soon.

For IRC addicts: how to use Jabber from inside your IRC client

This section moved to GS bitlbee Info and FAQs and will be deleted soon

Connecting from work

Having problems connecting to Jabber at work or school? Try using a HTTP proxy!

In Pidgin modify your jabber account and select the the Advanced Tab. Choose "HTTP" from the Proxy Type drop down list. Choose a proxy from http://aliveproxy.com/irc-proxy-list/ and enter the IP address in the Host field and the Port number in the Port field. Proxies using port 80 are the most likely to work.

An example working proxy. Warning, this proxy is not anonymous.

Host =

Port = 80