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Goon Fleet Space Frequency Modulation


GFSFM came about during the "Great Bubble Camp of '06" when pilots were bored and the speakers were silent. Originally pilots would pipe music over Teamspeak but because Teamspeak is designed for broadcasting voice, the music didn't sound too great. During one camp involving Stahlregen and Solo Drakban, comments were made about the quality of the music and it was lamented that there should be a better way; Thinking of GBSFM Solo put up a ShoutCast server and GFSFM was born.

The purpose is GFSFM is to provide capsuleers a constant source of entertainment in the EVE Universe. A wide variety of music is played on GFSFM ranging from Classical to Rock from Death Metal to Country. Songs can be submitted to the GFSFM archives for inclusion into the DJs playlists as well as for requests and shout-outs. GFSFM also provides advertising services for aspiring producers, merchants and the general public.

Connecting to GFSFM

Servers and Links

For the Space between your ears.

GFSFM Shoutcast Server:
TS Chatter Utility:
EVE Channel: GF FM

Connecting, Listening, Participating

GFSFM is a standard IceCast stream. The rate of the stream will vary from DJ to DJ but all streams will be in stereo. You can connect to the IceCast stream from almost any major media player such as WinAmp, Foobar2000 or Microsoft's Windows Media Player. Simply determine your players method for opening streams ("Open URL" in WinAmp) and copy/paste the Shoutcast URL there and press play. Viola!

From time to time (or all the time depending on how much you listen) you may want to request a song be played but the current DJ doesn't have the song available to him. No problem! Just go to the GFSFM Song Submission page and upload your tune! DJ have access to the uploaded tunes and can then download the song and add it to their playlist. Keep in mind however that a DJ's list can be a long one, so it might be awhile before your song is heard.

You can also listen to streams and still be participating on Teamspeak with the TS Chatter utility. This is an application that interfaces with Teamspeak and WinAmp and will automatically lower WinAmp's play volume when Teamspeak is active. Now you can listen to the theme from Red October at extreme decibles and still be ready to warp onto a target when Sesfan makes the call! Note: It is highly recommended that you set TS Chatter to completely mute WinAmp while Teamspeak is active to avoid bleeding the music through to the others while you use the mic.

Note - if you are having troubles connecting, check to see if you're running Peer Guardian. Its default settings will prevent connection to GFSFM.

Becoming a DJ

DrNeato is incharge of GFSFM and your best bet on becoming a DJ is to talk to him, either on the forums or via Jabber. GFSFM is always looking for new DJs so don't feel afraid to apply. You should generally say what genre you're going to play, when you can be available, and what kind of shows you are going to do when you apply.

Active DJs

  • Dimirti - Also Orion Moonstar, play really anything
  • Ifusikae Uiohyu - AKA DJ Fuck You, the other metal DJ; also Some Industrial, Stoner Rock, and "C'รจ La Luna"
  • Vetitum - soft rock
  • Cafu - indie rock, international, lounge
  • Disland - 80's some 90s and whatever I have (maybe Anime's if the stream has been dead ^__^)
  • AegriSomnia - Metal, Hardcore, stuff to smoke weed to
  • Giacomo Carissimi - "Vetitum > taht is some p gay music"
  • Zorshad - A big mix of classic rock, contemporary rock and hip-hop for fleet ops.
  • Angelus Damelon - Rap, Indie Rock, 80's Nights, whatev.
  • Antonio Revenga - The BigMek Show - Metal
  • Jerik Telorian - Jazz, Bossa Nova, Big Band, maybe some House at some point
  • Township - Electronic (Dubstep, Breakbeat, House)
  • Prae - Chill, House, Electro. Is a faggot.