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Advanced Guides to EVE


Advanced Techniques

Implants · Cynosural Field · Alts
Test Server · Eve Misinformation
Spreadsheets · Cyno Alt · Grid-Fu

Linguistic Resources

Foreign Language EVE Forums
Chinese · Danish · Finnish
French · German · Icelandic
Italian · Japanese · Norwegian
Polish · Portuguese · Russian
Spanish · Swedish · Yiddish

Nerd Information

Ship Size Comparison · Unix and You · Prefs.ini
Creating EVE Movies · Mechanics of Skill Training
Playing Music Over Teamspeak
Precise Navigation · Downtime
EVE Data Files · Software Development
Phonetic Alphabet · Prowords
API Key · Etymology of Ship Names

Other Guides

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Drone Spreadsheet - Author: FourDice, Thread, Download(2007), Download(2003)

Ship Tanking Spreadsheet - Author: Sworn Absent, Thread, Download

Über Tanking Spreadsheet (w/ Angel Rat data) - Authors: Sworn Absent, Aliksr and imsuxok, Thread, Download

Tech 2 Blueprint Research Fields & Blueprints - Author: Trevond Swift Link

Character Creation Career Skills - Author: Trevond Swift Link

Hostile Capital Fleet Pilot Information - Author: Trevond Swift Link