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Shuttles are cheap transports allowing you to move considerably faster than you would in a Pod. They also have very small cargoholds (10m3) and can fit no modules.

Amarr Amarr Shuttle
Caldari Caldari Shuttle
Gallente Gallente Shuttle
Minmatar Minmatar Shuttle


Frigates are the smallest normal ship class in eve. Their speed and disposability make them useful for tackling. There are also frigates made to mine and haul. Every newbie should start here. See also EW Frigates, as these are a very important component of our new fleet makeup. Effective combat frigates have been marked with an asterisk (*), try to use only these in combat to avoid wasting time and looking rather silly.

Faction Rookie Mining Survey E. War Speeder Bomber Gunner
Amarr Impairor Tormentor Magnate Crucifier Executioner* Inquisitor Punisher *
Caldari Ibis Bantam Heron Griffin * Condor Kestrel * Merlin *
Gallente Velator Navitas Imicus Maulus * Atron Tristan * Incursus *
Minmatar Reaper Burst Probe Vigil * Slasher Breacher Rifter *

Faction Frigates are mostly a curiosity and a bragging right; they cost far too much to be used in normal combat by normal pilots; they are mostly used by eccentric Isk-Billionaires.

Faction frigates are recieved as Loyalty Point Offers from Missions, and rarely Blueprint Copy drops from NPC Pirates.

Faction Racial Skills Ship Name
Amarr A Slicer
Caldari C Hookbill
Gallente G Comet
Minmatar M Firetail
Angel MG Dramiel
Blood Raider AM Cruor
Gurista CG Worm
Sansha AC Succubus
Serpentis GM Daredevil

If you're new and want to know what the basic PvP loadouts are for your shiny new frigates, see the Newbie Frigate Setups guide.

Assault Ships

Assault Frigates are heavier, stronger, and deadlier versions of Frigates. They are able to mount more guns and have stronger resistances, however they are much heavier and slower than normal frigates. Assault frigates are good at taking out other frigates at short - medium ranges. They can also NPC well and work as heavy Tacklers. Generally used in small-gang combat where their increased defenses over a standard frigate shine. Assault Frigates are generally too slow to work as fleet tacklers when compared to the far nimbler Interceptors class. These ships are terrible at everything, never fly one

Amarr Retribution Vengeance
Caldari Harpy Hawk
Gallente Enyo Ishkur
Minmatar Wolf Jaguar

Covert Ops

There are two types of covert ops ships. the Anathema, Buzzard, Cheetah, and Helios are able to use covert ops cloaking devices to warp while cloaked. They are useful for scouting enemy fleets and setting warp-in points on them. They also have a bonus to Scan Probes launchers, allowing them to scan out enemy safespots. Information on flying covert ops ships effectively is available on the Scouting page.

The remaining frigates, the Hound, Manticore, Nemesis, and Purifier, are classified as stealth bombers. These frigates have a bonus to using the battleship-sized torpedo missile launchers, allowing them to fit them and having a bonus to be able to hit smaller ships with them. They can fit covert ops cloaks, so they can warp while cloaked. Stealth bombers are the only ship capable of using Bombs, which are expensive one-shot smartbombs that are designed to kill fighters and break up gatecamps. As of Apocrypha, these ships are no longer gimmicky trash. Now they are just gimmicky.

Covert Ops Stealth Bomber
Amarr Anathema Purifier
Caldari Buzzard Manticore
Gallente Helios Nemesis
Minmatar Cheetah Hound


Interceptors are a Tech 2 frigate specialised in being extremely fast, manuverable and hard to pin down. They are used primarily in a tackler role, closing the gap between opposing fleets in the blink of an eye to lock down priority targets or provide a fleet warpin right on top of the enemy. Flying Interceptors is a topic unto itself.

Faction Tackling DPS
Amarr Malediction Crusader
Caldari Raptor Crow
Gallente Ares Taranis
Minmatar Stiletto Claw

Electronic Attack Ships

Electronic Attack Ships are a new type of Tech 2 frigates introduced with the Trinity expansion in December 2007. Basically, they are frigate sized versions of the Combat Recon ships and fill much of the same support role in small and medium gangs. However, their solo capabilities are severely limited and in fact bordering on nonexistent; while they have excellent electronic warfare capabilities for their size, their damage output is low even by frigate standards.

Amarr Sentinel
Caldari Kitsune
Gallente Keres
Minmatar Hyena


Destroyers are a ship class that uses many frigate-sized guns. They work well against other T1 frigates, small ships, and fighter drones, and are excellent for doing level 1 and 2 missions.

Amarr Coercer
Caldari Cormorant
Gallente Catalyst
Minmatar Thrasher


Interdictors are advanced destroyers, used to deploy a warp bubble to trap enemy ships.

Amarr Heretic
Caldari Flycatcher
Gallente Eris
Minmatar Sabre


Cruisers are the 'middle class' version of ships in Eve, and perhaps the most varied and versatile. There are cruisers built for PvP, PvE, mining, hauling, support, and various other tasks.

Support E. War Light Combat Heavy Combat
Amarr Augoror (Navy Issue) Arbitrator Omen (Navy Issue) Maller
Caldari Osprey (Navy Issue) Blackbird Caracal (Navy Issue) Moa
Gallente Exequror (Navy Issue) Celestis Vexor (Navy Issue) Thorax
Minmatar Scythe (Fleet Issue) Bellicose Stabber (Fleet Issue) Rupture
Faction Racial skills Pirate Cruiser
Angel MG Cynabal
Blood Raider AM Ashimmu
Gurista CG Gila
Sansha AC Phantasm
Serpentis GM Vigilant

Heavy Assault Ships

Heavy Assault Cruisers are upgraded cruisers that have massive resistances and improved firepower. With the right setup, these ships can go toe-to-toe with a battleship. These ships are also excellent in PvE and running Complexes.

Amarr Zealot Sacrilege
Caldari Cerberus Eagle
Gallente Ishtar Deimos
Minmatar Vagabond Muninn

Recon Ships

Advanced cruisers designed towards scouting and Electronic Warfare of various kinds. See Recon Ships.

Force Recon Combat Recon
Amarr Pilgrim Curse
Caldari Falcon Rook
Gallente Arazu Lachesis
Minmatar Rapier Huginn

Logistics Ships

Support cruisers, also called Logistics, are T2 cruisers that are used to support other ships in battle by restoring shield, armor, energy, and boosting their weapons.

Amarr Guardian
Caldari Basilisk
Gallente Oneiros
Minmatar Scimitar

Heavy Interdictors

Heavy interdictors are cruiser-sized interdictors with HAC resists. These are the only ships capable of using a Warp Disruption Field Generator, which is used either to prevent warping within a certain radius, or to focus as an "infinipoint" that prevents the target from warping, no matter its warp core strength.

Amarr Devoter
Caldari Onyx
Gallente Phobos
Minmatar Broadsword

Strategic Cruisers

Super cruisers for losing lots of your time and money blah blah

Amarr Legion
Caldari Tengu
Gallente Proteus
Minmatar Loki


These ships use cruiser-sized weapons and mods, but can fit more of them and have stronger defenses. These ships are excellent for level 3 missions and can kill many battleship spawns in Scalding Pass with the right setups. The ships cost around 20-30 mil for the Tier 1 ships, and 40-50 mil for the Tier 2 ships. Training for a battlecruiser is an excellent choice for those whose skills are too low for battleships but want to fight the bigger stuff.

Amarr Prophecy Harbinger
Caldari Ferox Drake
Gallente Brutix Myrmidon
Minmatar Cyclone Hurricane

Command Ships

Command Ships are the advanced version of Battlecruisers. They have awesome resistances, dizzying arrays of firepower, and bonuses to using gang support modules.

Field Command Fleet Command
Amarr Absolution Damnation
Caldari Nighthawk Vulture
Gallente Astarte Eos
Minmatar Sleipnir Claymore


These are the mainstay ships of the line in player-vs-player fleet battles, and are useful for doing most high-end PvE content. They tend to be slow-moving, with heavy weapons, and are very easy to lose if a player does not have the requisite support skills to fly them

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Amarr Armageddon Apocalypse (Navy Issue) (Imperial Issue) Abaddon
Caldari Scorpion Raven (Navy Issue) (State Issue) Rokh
Gallente Dominix (Navy Issue) Megathron (Navy Issue) (Federate Issue) Hyperion
Minmatar Typhoon Tempest (Fleet Issue) (Tribal Issue) Maelstrom
Faction Racial skills Pirate Battleship
Angel MG Machariel
Blood Raider AM Bhaalgorn
Gurista CG Rattlesnake
Sansha AC Nightmare
Serpentis GM Vindicator

Black Ops Battleships

Black Ops battleships are the Tech 2 counterparts to regular battleships. They are over sized stealth bombers which can jump bridge certain ships through a Cynosural field. They are expensive and rarely travel alone because of this.

Amarr Redeemer
Caldari Widow
Gallente Sin
Minmatar Panther


Marauders are elite Tier 2 Battleships. They come with more firepower, bigger cargo/tractor beam bonuses for hoarding loot, and bigger shields. Overall, they cost a ton but are good multipurpose highest-damage subcapitals. They lack significant sensor strength, so their default hulls are extremely susceptible to EWAR.

Amarr Paladin
Caldari Golem
Gallente Kronos
Minmatar Vargur

Capital Ships

Capital ships require Racial Battleship V and several other long and expensive skills. Instead of using stargates, they must travel between systems by targeting their jump drive on a friendly Cynosural Field.


Dreadnoughts are huge Capital Ships that are used to destroy Player Owned Stations and engage opposing enemy capital ships. They mount massive weapons and use a Siege Module to afford them the strongest ship defenses attainable in eve, at the cost of becoming immobile for a significant amount of time. Dreadnoughts are essential for territorial warfare, deciding which side controls systems through judicious use of their firepower.

Amarr Revelation
Caldari Phoenix
Gallente Moros
Minmatar Naglfar


Carriers and their larger variants, Motherships, are Capital Ships designed to hold and deploy powerful fighter drones. They also have the ability to fit Warfare Link modules, in addition to certain logistic abilities, allowing friendly ships refit and to be carried within them. Carriers and Motherships can be deployed both as a heavy assault force delivering massive firepower in combat, or in a fleet support role by providing fighter cover and gang ability bonuses from afar. Costwise, carriers are entry level capital ships with a pricetag of under a billion ISK. Motherships provide their substantially improved abilities at far higher cost, starting at 15bn for a basic hull and several billion more to fit it out properly.

Carrier Mothership
Amarr Archon Aeon
Caldari Chimera Wyvern
Gallente Thanatos Nyx
Minmatar Nidhoggur Hel


Titans are the ultimate end-game vessel, deployed as a powerful fleet flagship. They provide an automatic attribute bonus to all gang members and can fit a copious amount of Warfare Link modules, massively boosting the abilities of the friendly fleet. They also have a Clone Vat Bay, which allows members to set their clone to the Titan and continue fighting in the event of death. A Titan's Jump Bridge Array allows it to fill in as a makeshift stargate, transporting friendly forces through a Cynosural Field to bypass chokepoints and save traveling time. Finally, the Doomsday Weapon is the ultimate tool in fleet combat. This creates a massive and indiscriminate explosion around the Titan, easily capable of destroying unprepared vessels before they can escape.

Amarr Avatar
Caldari Leviathan
Gallente Erebus
Minmatar Ragnarok

Industrial Ships

Industrial ships are slow, massive hulks made for one purpose: Hauling mass quantities of stuff.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Amarr Sigil Bestower
Caldari Badger Badger Mark II
Gallente Iteron Iteron Mark II Iteron Mark III Iteron Mark IV Iteron Mark V
Minmatar Wreathe Hoarder Mammoth

Transport Ships

Transport ships improve on the industrial concepts. Each race has two variants: A faster blockade runner which boasts extra speed and can use a covops cloak, and deep space transports with elephantine holds, massive resistances, and a warp core strength bonus.

Deep Space Blockade Runner
Amarr Impel Prorator
Caldari Bustard Crane
Gallente Occator Viator
Minmatar Mastodon Prowler


Very large ships, able to transport a world and a half and then some. Also the slowest, bulkiest ships in the damn game - takes forever to align, speed up and warp out. Due to NO defensive capabilities, if you're not in a convoy when flying one in 0.0, you'll die eleven times out of ten.

Freighters are not capital ships.

Amarr Providence
Caldari Charon
Gallente Obelisk
Minmatar Fenrir

Jump Freighters

Jump Freighters are Freighters with a built in jump drive, much like full Capital Ships. They have a significantly smaller cargohold than the standard freighters, but they can jump up to 5 LY - the same distance as a Dreadnought. They're also a fair bit tougher than standard freighters.

In Trinity 1.1, all Jump Freighters' speed bonus will be replaced with an agility bonus, the HP bonus will be extended to shields and armour (not just hull), and they will recieve an additional 25% cargo space by default.

Amarr Ark
Caldari Rhea
Gallente Anshar
Minmatar Nomad

Mining Barges

Mining Barges are good at just that - Mining.

ORE Procurer Retriever Covetor


Exhumers are upgraded mining barges, each one made to excel at a different task.

ORE Skiff Mackinaw Hulk

Industrial Command Ships

ORE / DCM Inc. Orca

Capital Industrial Ships

ORE Rorqual

Pirate Ships

Pirate Ships are ships constructed by a particular pirate faction. They typically draw bonuses from two different racial shiptypes, but with high levels in both they become extremely effective. Since they're only acquired by mission offers and the occasional BPC drop by faction rats/complexes, they also tend to be remarkably expensive.

Faction Racial Skills Bonus Frigate Cruiser Battleship
Angel Minmatar + Gallente Projectile Dramiel Cynabal Machariel
Blood Raider Amarr + Minmatar Lasers + Nos Cruor Ashimmu Bhaalgorn
Gurista Caldari + Gallente Hybrid + Missiles Worm Gila Rattlesnake
Sansha Amarr + Caldari Lasers Succubus Phantasm Nightmare
Serpentis Gallente + Minmatar Hybrid + MWD Daredevil Vigilant Vindicator

Rare Ships

Rare ships are nearly-unique hulls usually given out by CCP at tournaments and roleplaying events. The number of them in the game is finite or nearly so, especially as CPP seems to give out less as time goes on.

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