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Refining is a tough job, and requires lots of skill training in order to succeed. Consequently, some refiners have donated their time and effort to refine ore for the rest of us. On March 15, 2006, the directors of GoonFleet voted to enact a new plan, based on the honesty and integrity of GoonFleet private refiners.

In general, if you plan on using a refiner, attempt to contact them with their requested method. If payment is required, arrange the proper payment before or after the materials have been turned into sweet sweet jew gold. If not, just go ahead and contract to the proper station (Hint: it's a much better idea to contract the items in a station that has a reprocessing service). After said refiner presses that magic button turning useless shit into fantastic and shiny minerals, they will contract it back to you at the same station. Note: Make sure you give the refiner the full amount of minerals per refine or they'll have a pile of 332 veldspar that does nothing. In the case of rat loot, it is suggested you comb through the list of modules to see if there are any high selling best named stuff floating around in there. Otherwise, it will be melted down without a care in the world.

If you are confused about how the Refine/Yield works, take a look at the bottom of this page. It should also be noted that currently, every station we control has an automatic 10% tax that is deducted after the minerals are refined. This means the alliance takes 10% of your post refine minerals, and then the refiner takes their fee of minerals after that tax is deducted.

This is a list of characters who can refine, where they refine, and what their statistics are.

Character Name: Location(s): Ore/Scrap: Refine Yield(s): Fee: Further Information: Status:
Almer Delve (C6Y) Scrapmetal V, All other Minus Ice IV-V, 4% Implant 100% @ C6Y Free - Only ask you consider selling me the Minerials if I am in need of them. PM or Contract, will buy minerials if I am in need. Active
Antetma (Ismern's Alt) Delve,Detorid,Feythabolis,Omist, Scalding Pass,Tenerifis Arkonor Proc V, Bistot Proc V, Crokite Proc IV, Dark Ochre Proc IV, Gneiss Proc IV, Ice Proc IV, Scrap Metal Proc V, 4% Implant 100% at Stations, 96.77% at Outposts (99.35% on Ark, Bistot, & Scrap) Free ice and 2% on scrap, See thread for Ore fees and schedule I'm now using implants as well, so I get better refines than everyone else. See thread here for details Currently Inactive
Bill Ni (Wild Willie's Alt) Empire    Scrapmetal Proc IV, most other processings at II or III 100% at Stations (This is in empire, with good status, no tax is deducted. With not perfect, anywhere between 0-5% is deducted.) See thread See thread here for details Unknown
Sophie Daigneau (nairT epaR's Alt) Delve (J-L only) ABC IV, Ice V, Scrapmetal V 100% in J-L Free Convo on Jabber first, will keep your shit if you don't Active
Commissar Kittycat (Pokano's Alt) Delve and Querious Scrapmetal V with 4% implant 100% in J-L or other upgraded refinery, 99.35% elsewhere Small fee to be determined Contract to Commissar Kittycat, note here Active
Karmar Yarrens (Bra'nn Draythe's Alt) Delve (YZ9 area), Tenerifis Arkonor 4, Bistot 4, Scrapmetal 1, 4% Implant (G-D0N) 96.776% at outposts for Ark and Bist, 100% for Stations in Delve. 2% flat fee of all minerals Eve-mail and contract to Bra'nn. Expect a turn-around of about 1 day, maybe quicker Unknown
Rhonyn Peacemaker Delve, Currently (0n-) Arkonor 4, Bistot 4, Scrapmetal 5, Veldspar 4 100% at Stations, 94.4% at Outposts (96.875% Rat Loot/Drone Alloys) I will refine everything for free, so long as you allow me to buy the minerals. Contract rat loot to me in a station warehouse. Contract the rat loot to me and I will refine it, pay you out via a return contract with the station warehouse attached. Feel free to evemail me. Unknown
Bigga Mek Delve, Tenerifis, Scalding Pass Arkonor 4, Crockite 4, Bistot 4, Scrap Metal 5 100% at stations, 94.4% at Outposts (96.875% Loot) Free for Big Mek Industries, Free for all others if I am currently in the region. Tips Appreciated. Contact Olea Avenger on Jabber if Bigga Mek is not in game. Please contact before contracting as Tenerifis and Scalding Pass are more of occasional locations. Unknown
Selkieace DELVE BITCHES Ark 5, Veld 4, Scrap 5, Crok 4. 2% implant See the chart below. 1% resulting minerals Send me a PM or jabber if not online. Convo duckbar in game. Unknown
Cayleu Delve, anywhere on the webway Scrapmetal 4, Ark 4, Bistot 4, Crokite 4, Mercoxit 4, Ice 4, Veldspar 4, Scordite 4, Plagioclase 4, Omber 4, Everything Else 3 See the chart below, 100% at stations, I use a 2% implant I refine for tips. (minerals, isk, nothing, whatever) If I have to travel far from the webway, I take 2% of the minerals. Send Cayleu a PM or eve-mail Active
The Constructerer Querious closest to ED maybe J-L Ark IV, Bistot IV, Scrap III, most others III 100% in 5-6, TPAR and Empire for all but ice Trit tips appreciated * PM only
* Empire service through CreoDron stations only
Active, although not refining much (10/21/2009)
Crafter McGee (Ignoramus Dingle's alt) W-4 constellation of Delve Ark IV, Bistot IV, Crok III, Mercoxit I, Scrap IV, Veld I (Ice coming soon) See chart below. No set fee, but tips are appreciated. PM Ignoramus Dingle on the forum before contracting anything. Unsubscribed (7/2/2009)
snugglebutt (Biscuit0's alt) Delve frontlines, currently J-L or PUIG. Everything to at least 3, Ark and Scrap 5, no ice yet. See chart below. No fees, tip what you like. Forum PM preferred or hit me up ingame. Active
TheFrabbot (Frabba's alt) Delve Ark IV, Bist IV, Scrap V See chart below. No fees, tip if you feel froggy. PM is fastest method, otherwise I also check evemail. Active
Mazzi Dex (Jondan Dex's alt) Motherfuckin Delve Ark, Bist, Crok, Scrap all IV See chart below, no implant No fee Forum PM or jabber Active
Bargealta McSpacebuxx (Stretchmeat Crotchquake's alt) J-L and WNM Bistot, Crokite, Scrapmetal IV 2% implant, no loss at 40% refineries No charge Just contract your shit Active
Blinkenlights (Bagdon's alt) J-L Scrapmetal IV 2% implant, no loss at 40% refineries Free in J-L, 1% if I need to move. Forum PM, jabber or in game. Active
Oshiwan Kenoshi (Krilgor's alt) Serving Any Delve Refinery. All low end Minerals IV, Gneiss IV, Bistot IV, Scrapmetal IV 2% implant, no loss in Delve (5-6, QX, J-L, 5B) 100% Free 100% Refines. PM Krilgor or Oshiwan Kenochi in game for quickest response. Active
Makalor (Grayvon's Alt) 5-6 area All at V, Mercoxit at IV No loss in 5-6 Free, tips accepted PM Grayvon or contact Makalor or Grayvon in game Active
Dahlia Houghton (Helen's Alt) All Delve All at V Implant, no loss in Delve (5-6, QX, J-L, 5B) Free, tips accepted PM Helen or contact Dahlia Houghton in game Active
Fihr (Moostang's alt) 5-6QW7 but can travel the webway Scrap, Ark, Bist, Crok, Ice are all lvl 5, the rest are lvl 4 4% implant Free Forum PM, ingame convo, or Jabber Active
mistress maat (jm24's alt) J-L Scrapmetal IV 2% implant, no loss at 40% refineries (J-L) Free rho irc or a forum pm Active
Gallerina (Galler FLAke's alt) J-L, will travel but may not get 100% anywhere else Scrapmetal IV 2% implant, no loss at 40% refineries (J-L) Free Forum PM/Jabber/Eve Mail to 'Galler FLAke' Active

All of these refiners have the basic refining skills at level 5 (Refining & Refinery Efficiency). From there on, each has trained certain specific processing skills. Training any of these specific skills automatically grants a 100% refine at NPC and conquerable stations. Currently, we only control a few stations (5-6 and TPAR for example). After that, you're looking at player built refining outposts, which have a smaller base yield. Here's a chart, showing the refining percentage.

Processing Skill: Level 0 Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Outpost with No Implant 84.5 86.975 89.45 91.925 94.4 96.875
Outpost with 1% Implant 84.995 87.495 89.995 92.494 94.994 97.494
Outpost with 2% Implant 85.49 88.015 90.539 93.064 95.588 98.113
Outpost with 4% Implant 86.48 89.054 91.628 94.202 96.776 99.35