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Whenever you get the killing shot on a ship, or your ship gets destroyed, you receive a notification of it in the form of a killmail. Before the Trinity patch, these were in the form of an actual EVE mail sent out by CONCORD telling you about the death. They now appear in your character sheet, and some extra statistics have been added as well, including damage dealt, items destroyed, and items dropped in the wreck.

Killmails are very important things in the world of EVE, as they allow other players to share in your awesomeness of killing people or the shame of getting killed. Some alliances even take it over the top and boast their Kill/Death records, expressed with K:D ratios or numbers.

As killmails relating to you are only visible to you and—with the new Trinity patch—to directors within your corp, it's generally agreed you should post your killmails on a killboard. A killboard has several useful functions:

  • It allows you to find out what other people are flying and what setups they use.
  • You can point out embarrassing losses from other players, which are usually good sources of cheap comedy.
  • You can point out your kills and losses to your fellow players and tell tales of epic skill and luck.

The location of the GoonFleet killboard is:

A list of other alliances' killboards is here: Killboards.

Posting a killmail

The process of posting a killmail is pretty easy, ingame go to your character sheet and locate the combat log tab. Right click the kill/loss you want to post and copy it.

Now go to the killboard and select "Add Killmail" in the top right corner. Paste the copied text in the text box there. Press submit and you're done!

If the killboard tells you you're not authorized to post killmails make sure you've logged in to the forums with the "Remember me" checkbox ticked. If you have, refreshing the forums should solve the problem.

If for some reason the killboard generates an error with the killmail you are trying to post, head on over to the GoonSwarm Webservices section of the forum and look for an appropriate thread to mention this. If no thread is there yet make a new one about it.

Please note that posting comedy, manipulated mails is of course very awesomely funny to you but most others will not agree with this. It's also not allowed.

Finding killmails on the goonfleet killboard

The fine team of people building and maintaining our killboard have implemented an option where you can search for alliances, corporations and individual killmails. By selecting the appropriate option in the menu bar at the top of the screen you are taken to a form where you can specify what you are looking for and perform your search.

Also, to find a recap of a given character's kills and losses, try, replacing YOURNAME with the name desired, including spaces.

Subscribing to the RSS Feed

Tired of the effort required to load up every time you want to see how awesome we are? Subscribe your favorite RSS client (Thunderbird, et al) to the following URL and see how we're doing across all of our space. Updates every fifteen minutes from the Killboard raw XML, coded by Gaius Nefar.