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In his May 2006 State of the Goonion speech, proto-CEO Remedial announced the creation of squadrons, in which every member of the corp. would be arbitrarily divided into a number of squadrons. Despite his complete fucking over of the swarm and subsequent falling-out, we have retained the squads as an entertaining (if not exactly useful) system of division.


How to join a Squadron

Squadrons used to be assigned, but now you choose which one you join yourself. Review the squad pages below to find a squad that seems like it matches your playtime and style. The greek lettered squads are largely filled with US primetime players, while Euro and Anzac are our European and Australian/New Zealand playtime squads respectively. To join a Squad, click on "Groups" from the GSOAR or click here.


gamma96qq7.png Γ - Gamma Squad
delta96xz5.png Δ - Delta Sqad
epsilon96vl7.png Ε - Epsilon Squad - now defunct, no longer a squad
theta96.png Θ - Theta Squad
pi96.png Π - Pi Squad
rho96xc4.png Ρ - Rho Squad
sigma96fe7.png Σ - Sigma Squad
euro96px7.png \xE2\x82\xAC - EURO Squad
anzac96fy6.png ANZAC Squad


They're more like guidelines really

  • Do you have a newbie question? Ask in your squadron channel for a fast response.
  • Do you want to form a mining horde? Ask in your squadron channel first to see if anybody else is interested in making some bank.
  • Do you want to go blow some enemy players up in your frigate? Ask in your squadron channel first to see if anybody else wants to fag around with you.

What it should do

  • Increase camaraderie within the corp.
  • Increase organization within the corp.
  • Friendly competition and events.
  • Eventual deployment of specific squadrons on corp-related missions.

What it shouldn't do

  • Squadrons are NOT meant to limit your fun with your friends.
  • Squadrons are NOT meant to make you go on mining ops.

Squad Channel

On the left-hand side of your screen are a series of buttons. One of those buttons is labeled "Channels" and will bring up a list of chat channels, and also allow you to type in the name of a channel to join. (Right-click the button and select 'join.')

  • Your squad channel is "_____SWARM" where _____ is the name of your assigned squad (sigmaswarm, piswarm, gammaswarm, etc...).