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Official Diplomats

There are only a few individuals that hold the position of official diplomats of Goonfleet corporation and the Goonswarm alliance. You can find that list here.

Joining Goonfleet

If you gave isk to join Goonfleet then you were scammed and you're shit out of luck.

To join Goonfleet, follow the directions below.

Requirements & Information

Goonfleet is NOT a publicly recruiting corporation. We are all members of the Something Awful forums, or well-known friends of someone who is a member. To join Goonfleet you MUST either be a member of the Something Awful forums and have been an active member for at least 3 months, or you must have a sponsor who is a Goonfleet member of good standing who is willing to vouch for you, meets the above requirement, and has been a member of Goonfleet for a month. If you do not meet the above requirements then you can not join.

Recommendation #1: Do not travel to Goon-owned space until you are in GoonFleet. Neutral pilots without standings will be shot on sight by us, our allies, or our enemies. This applies to alts as well.
Recommendation #2: When you join GoonFleet any active war declarations apply immediately and you can be shot at by enemies we are at war with in empire space. Be warned.
Recommendation #3: Complete the Tutorial before applying to the corp.

How to Join

Visit, follow the directions. This applies to everyone who requires access to the forums and associated services. It includes new recruits, old members returning from vacation and allies.
New Members
Complete the registration. This will require you to input an email address. DO NOT ADD A FAKE ADDRESS, YOUR EMAIL WILL BE REQUIRED FOR LATER ON IN THE AUTH. Once you have input an email address, a confirmation will be sent to it.
Click the link sent to you in the confirmation email.
The first page will have the list of items that you need to complete. This includes:
Entering your API Key under "EVE Chars"
Verifying your Something Awful profile under "SA and Sponsorships"
If you have a user that has been a member for at least two week within Goonfleet, they can vouch for you in place of a Something Awful verification. If you screw up, we will kick out your sponsor as well as you. You will need to know your sponsor's Goonfleet forum name. Enter this name in the sponsorship box. They will need to verify that sponsorship within their own GSOAR. This will then complete the verification process.
Manual SA Authorizations
If your SA can't be verified or doesn't meet the automatic criteria then your SA account will be put into a manual authorization process. To manually verify someone requires that we make sure you aren't a complete faggot, but to do so we have to examine what you have posted during your time at SA and/or interrogate you. This can take time so don't expect a decision in a few hours after submitting your application.
Joining Goonfleet In Game
To join Goonfleet in game, open the People & Places window. Set the search type to Corporation, enter Goonfleet and hit search. Right click -> Show Info on Goonfleet and click Apply to Join. IT REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE ADDED YOUR API AND SA VERIFICATION/SPONSORSHIP BEFORE THIS APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED.
Activating Forum Access
Once you are in Goonfleet, the GSOAR will recognize this change and you can then activate your forum account. You will need to return to the GSOAR to do this. When you return (if you are still not cookied from the previous session) you will have to re-register your email address. Do not fret, as when you click on the confirmation link in the email sent again it will place you at your progress you were last at in the authorization process.


CHECK to ensure scripts and cookies are allowed for everything domain under
DO NOT apply in game until any and all roles from previous corporations have been completely dropped for 24 hours. You will be rejected and have to do the whole thing over again.
DO NOT harass anyone that does auth's because your application wasn't accepted within 4.68 seconds. We process legitimate applications at least daily, if it goes for more than three days, make sure you didn't fuck something up. You will get rejected and have to do everything over again.

If you are still having problems

Join the chat channel GFHelp to get assistance.
Post a thread in the Vandee Yarr Memorial Authentication Forum stating your issue. Don't post because you haven't been accepted in 24 hours, only post if you have a real issue. Your post can only be viewed by directors and yourself so don't panic if you don't get a response right away.


First, you probably fucked something up. Read the protips above. Second, please check to be sure you have gone to the app control panel and have indicated that you have applied. We don't auth you unless you're on the list, and we don't see you on the list until you have completed all steps.
If you feel you have completed all of these steps and still are having trouble, then you may contact Oran Sound via forum PM or Jabber. Don't send an EVE Mail, nobody reads them and you'll never get in.

Step 5: I've Just Joined Goonfleet, Now What?

While You Wait

If you're waiting on your application to be approved, and have finished the Tutorial, try doing some missions. While you won't be able to run missions in conquerable space (where GoonSwarm lives), missions will still give you an introduction to combat in Eve, and give you something to do while you wait.

"Security" agents usually give you kill missions where you fight NPC pirates. They're a little bit tougher than the ones you fought in the tutorial, but nothing you can't handle. You should have a better weapon equipped than your Civilian Gun if you're going to try these. If you run into trouble, try using the longest-range ammunition you can; NPC frigates have short ranges and shouldn't be able to hit you at those distances.

  • Caldari/Gallente: Small Railgun or Blaster
  • Amarr: Small Beam Laser or Pulse Laser
  • Minmitar: Small Autocannon or Artillery

While NPCs aren't as interesting or as challenging to fight as other players, doing these missions lets you learn a little more about combat in general.

There should be Level 1 military-type agents anyone can use in the following Empire systems:

Caldari Faction Agents
System Station Agent Name Agent Faction Level Quality Storyline? Division Standing Required
Otela IV Moon 9 Kikui Ysen Expert Distribution 1 -4 No Security -0.20
Isaziwa XIII Moon 15 Inawaki Ashomon Caldari Navy 1 0 No Security 0.00
Gallente Faction Agents
System Station Agent Name Agent Faction Level Quality Storyline? Division Standing Required
Brapelille X Moon 6 Aydt Brere Federal Freight 1 -4 No Security -0.20
Ommare VIII Isoire Yvesque Material Acquisition 1 -7 No Security -0.35
Villore VIII Moon 2 Emmelan Tumane Supreme Court 1 -8 No Internal Security -0.40
Amarr Faction Agents
System Station Agent Name Agent Faction Level Quality Storyline? Division Standing Required
Youl VII Moon 10 Hekhem Moranour Amarr Navy 1 -4 No Command -0.20
Gosalav VI Horvi Zisouz Sarum Family 1 -1 No Security -0.05
Ashab VIII Moon 10 Toumzie Fusi Theology Council 1 0 No Internal Security 0.00
Minmatar Faction Agents
System Station Agent Name Agent Faction Level Quality Storyline? Division Standing Required
Isendeldik IX Moon 6 Odrakur Salfgekur Republic Fleet 1 -6 No Security -0.30
Isendeldik IX Moon 14 Immogard Amamon Republic Justice Department 1 -4 No Intelligence -0.20
Pator III Moon 2 Ludalerad Teolisi Republic Security Services 1 -3 No Surveillance -0.15

Missions Suck! What else can I do while I wait?

EVE gives you muliple avenues of personal entertainment and riches. Don't be afraid to unleash your (evil) potential on the EVE universe.

If you use these suggestions on GoonSwarm members and allies, you will be banned from GoonSwarm. Pick your targets carefully!

You can find out who is allied with GoonSwarm here Don't pull these tricks on people on that list!

Target Random Player Ships

Targetting (NOT shooting) a player in high-sec (aka Empire regions) can scare a player into shooting you. Since shooting other players in high-sec (except war targets) is illegal, the player that shoots your ship will get their ship blown up by CONCORD. CONCORD is the police force in high-sec, so being 'CONCORDED' means you were destroyed by them.

If you are successful, don't forget to loot their wreck.

Steal Loot

You can fly around to the asteroid belts and find empty wrecks/cans laying around. Feel free to take what you want! If you receive a pop-up window saying "Steal Item?", click yes. Of course, if the owner of that wreck/can is near-by, he has the right (Kill Rights) to shoot you if you steal from him. If a player is flashing red in your Overview, warp out fast because he is about to kill you.

If you see a battle raging between players (the Jita system has lots of action), feel free to loot the wreck of the loser. The people who destroyed the player may not be happy with your actions, but you're richer!

If you see empty wrecks laying around, train up the Salvaging skill so you can use a Salvager device to harvest empty wrecks. The stuff you harvest can be sold for decent isk.

Irritate Miners

Feel free to steal ores from cargo containers/jet cans while miners are working on an asteroid. Most of them won't notice because they are macrominers. If you are lucky and haven't been killed by them, repeat the process. If they notice what you are doing, apologize and jettison the ore you collected. When the miner takes back the ore, you now have the right to kill them since they are stealing from your can!

To further irritate miners, use your ship as a battering ram and bump them away from asteroids. If they complain, tell them you are new player and you don't know how to fly your ship. Feel free to roleplay your ignorance of EVE and see if you can scam some isk from the miner.

Scam Empire Pubbies

Since you are not in GoonSwarm yet, feel free to solicit your cyberchat services, beg for isk, sell crappy items in the contract system as super expensive "unique" items, or tell pubbies that they can double their money by sending you isk. You can get away with almost anything and not get banned. But, you will be banned if you try to scam using timecodes or characters.

Shoot Players/Learning to Die (Not recommended, but fun to do)

To learn how the Agression Timers work, take your rookie ship and shoot a player in hi-sec. Once you are CONCORDED, you will see a Red Agression Timer. This means you can't fly a ship to any station or gate without being blown up until that timer expires. They don't shoot pods, so you can fly around in one. When the timer expires, go to a station that doesn't have any ships in your ship bay. When you dock, you will get a free rookie ship. Repeat.

Note that each time you attack a non-war target in high-sec, your security status takes a hit. Security status is the level of access you have to empire systems without being CONCORDED. If it goes too low, then flying around empire becomes a nightmare (CONCORD will kill you).

This is only a small list of the entertainment possibilities in EVE. Use your imagination.

Good Hunting!