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This is a basic guide, that should give you a good set of recommendations on what skills to train for your first week or so of EVE. Treat it as a checklist -- if something's listed here, and you don't have it, consider training it, in roughly the priority listed. The tail-end of this guide will link you to other guides you can follow after you finish this one.

For a more detailed description of the mechanics of skills, please read How do skills work in EVE?


Important Things To Note

Please be aware that this is a general guide, and should not be rigidly followed. You don't necessarily have to train all the skills listed here, nor do you need to train them in the listed order. You can add in any other skills you wish to the mix, such as training Spaceship Command to level III early so you can fly Destroyers or Cruisers to help expedite mission running. Or you can train Mining to level III or IV early, to help pull in more sweet sweet Crokite. Just be aware not to specialize until after your advanced learning is done, as described later in this guide.

Note: Skills you do not have in your skills list must be bought from the market, and then the item must be imported (right click the item -> train) to your head for training. This can be done at any school station. Around the times of organized newbie drives, many of the basic skillbooks you'll need are brought in and provided right on the market, so be sure to check there first before podjumping out to empire space to buy a skillbook.

Also note that you can pause training on any skill at any time by simply picking a new skill to train. This pauses the skill you were training at whatever percentage trained it was, until you pick it back up. This means that when you buy several skill books, instead of having to carry them around with you when traveling, open the context menu of the skill book and pick 'Inject Skill'. The books disappear, and the skills appear on your character sheet. The only way to lose skill points in this game is to die with an un-upgraded clone.

Finally, you may find you have some of the "basic" skill paths below completed already due to your character's starting skillset. (For example, you may already have Afterburner V or Drones V). If so, feel free to "skip ahead" and train some of the skills in the "Advanced" section, like High Speed Maneuvering or Drone Interfacing.

Basic Skills

When you first start the game, and have a basic grasp of the first hour or so of the Tutorial That Never Ends(tm), join the GoonSwarm Newbie Help channel ('GF Help') and beg for some newbie money. If you only get like 200,000 ISK, that is still enough to help you get started with buying learning skill books. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR MONEY. Half a million ISK may sound like a lot to ask for, but it really isn't, and we like helping newbies.

Here is a basic training regime for you new people. Depending on the character you made when starting out, you may already have a good portion of these skills. These skills will get you into a basic tackling frigate with a MicroWarpDrive in 6 days maximum. Since GoonSwarm does do a LOT of PvP, this is designed to fast track you in that direction and be useful on any combat operation we are undertaking.

New people reminder: You will need to purchase most of these skills from the market. If you are still in empire space, most of the stations will carry the books you are looking for. Most of them run between 10,000 and 100,000 ISK. Once you buy the book from the market, look for it in your items box and bring up the context menu for the book and click 'Inject Skill'. This will add the skill to your skill list, without starting to actually train it. It will then disappear from your inventory since you don't need it anymore. You can't bring books with you to Goonspace if you podjump so plan on starting your training on all of these in empire space.

Basic Tackling Skills

These are important because Tackling will be one of your primary responsibilities in PvP as a new player. It's also insanely fun.

Basic Propulsion Jamming Skills
  1. Electronics I
  2. Electronics II
  3. Electronics III
  4. Navigation I
  5. Navigation II
  6. Propulsion Jamming I
  7. Propulsion Jamming II
Basic Microwarpdrive Skills
  1. Afterburner I
  2. Engineering I
  3. Engineering II
  4. Mechanic I
  5. Hull Upgrades I
  6. Engineering III
  7. Science I
  8. Energy Grid Upgrades I
  9. Energy Grid Upgrades II
  10. Afterburner II
  11. Navigation III
  12. Afterburner III
  13. Navigation IV
  14. Afterburner IV
  15. High Speed Maneuvering I
  16. High Speed Maneuvering II
  17. High Speed Maneuvering III

Edit: Afterburner III and Navigation III are now the pre reqs for microwarpdrives

Basic Learning

The learning skills don't grant you any abilities, they just make the training of other skills faster. Training the learning skills is usually broken into two phases: Basic Learning, which is fairly painless and should be done (mixed with training other skills) early on in the game; and Advanced Learning, which is somewhat of a pain, but essential to your future development. As you train the basic tackling skills (Afterburners, Warp Propulsion, etc.) to basic levels, you should work on your basic learning skills. Train them in this order:

  1. Instant Recall I
  2. Analytical Mind I
  3. Learning I
  4. Instant Recall II
  5. Analytical Mind II
  6. Learning II
  7. Instant Recall III
  8. Analytical Mind III
  9. Learning III
  10. Instant Recall IV
  11. Analytical Mind IV
  12. Learning IV
  13. Spacial Awareness I-IV, Iron Will I-IV, Empathy I-III. The order these 3 skills are trained in does not matter.
Instant Recall (Memory)
Analytical Mind (Intelligence)
Spatial Awareness (Perception)
Iron Will (Willpower)
Learning (2% boost to all)
Empathy (Charisma) is a special case. You will want to train it to 3 or 4 for helping out with some Advanced Learning training times, but for characters that do not specialize in Trade Skills, Social Skills, or Leadership Skills, Charisma is not useful.

Total training time to get all these skills (except Empathy) to level 4 will be about 7-8 days. Each skillbook costs 45k ISK.

If you want to optimize the basic learning skills, train Instant Recall and Analytical Mind before the others. The basic learning skills are themselves skills (duh), and all depend on the Mem and Int stats, so training those first will cut down on the other training times a bit.

The prerequisite to go from basic learning skills to advanced learning skills is now IV instead of V, which means you probably should get the advanced learning skills as soon as possible (more on that below). However, getting you basic learning skills up to V is not such a bad idea still, only you don't have to rush to get there. Getting them from IV to V will take about 20 days (you train everything except Empathy up to V) and it will pay off after about a year. It is boring and daunting, but if you plan to stay for a while it will pay off eventually; so while it's not required anymore, it is still advisable to train them.

Basic Mining Skills

Some people make money by mining. It seems to work if you have the patience for it, and is a way to make money as a new player, but is by no means essential. You'll want to get the following skills to do it well:

Mining IV (for Tech 2 Mining lasers)

The racial Cruisers skill for your race.


Race-Specific Piloting Skills

In addition to the basic, generalized ship skills, there are some skills that are somewhat race-specific: necessary if you're going to fly ships of a particular race, but far less important if you're flying some other race's ships. The most important of these, obviously, is your racial ship skills, but you'll probably need to train a few race-specific Support Skills as well.

You may already be able to train the Destroyers skill, or the Cruisers skill for your particular race. For more on this, see the GoonFleet Career section, as well as the following individual articles:

Starting out as an Amarr Pilot
Starting out as a Caldari Pilot
Starting out as a Gallente Pilot
Starting out as a Minmatar Pilot


Once you've rolled your new Caldari character, there are a few skills you'll want to train before podjumping out of empire. Your Merlin is more than adequate for level one missions in highsec, but you will die repeatedly if you try to take one out ratting in 0.0 (this is strictly for PvE. For PvP, you'll want to fly a frigate).

  1. Caldari Frigate I (29 minutes, 24 seconds)
  2. Caldari Frigate II (2 hours, 17 minutes)
  3. Caldari Frigate III (12 hours, 54 minutes, 45 seconds)
  4. Caldari Frigate IV (3 days, 1 hour, 2 minutes, 56 seconds)
  5. Caldari Cruiser I (1 hour, 13 minutes, 31 seconds)
  6. Caldari Cruiser II (5 hours, 42 minutes, 28 seconds)
  7. Navigation I (18 minutes, 31 seconds)
  8. Afterburner I (18 minutes, 31 seconds)
  9. Weapon Upgrades I (34 minutes, 28 seconds)
  10. Missile Launcher Operation I(14 minutes, 42 seconds)
  11. Missile Launcher Operation II (1 hour, 8 minutes, 31 seconds)
  12. Standard Missiles I (29 minutes, 24 seconds)
  13. Standard Missiles II (2 hours, 17 minutes)
  14. Standard Missiles III (12 hours, 54 minutes, 45 seconds)
  15. Missile Launcher Operation III (6 hours, 27 minutes, 21 seconds)
  16. Heavy Missiles I (44 minutes, 7 seconds)
  17. Engineering I (21 minutes, 44 seconds)
  18. Engineering II (1 hour, 41 minutes, 18 seconds)
  19. Shield Upgrades I(43 minutes, 28 seconds)
  20. Drones I (20 minutes)
  21. Scout Drone Operation I(20 minutes)

21 skills; Total time: 5 days, 4 hours, 34 minutes, 2 seconds

You should also augment that list with skills from the Missile Support Skills and Shield Tanking Support Skills lists.

These skills will make your missiles fire faster, fly longer, and fly faster. The faster and longer they fly, the farther away you can sit and shoot at the rats while they close in on you. Being able to fire faster translates to more missiles hitting the enemy in a given amount of time, which translates to more damage. And more damage means more dakka. Dakka is good. Similarly, the shield tanking skills will let you absorb more damage without dying, which is also important for obvious reasons.

Depending on the skillpath you choose, you should already have several, many, or even most of the skills on this list trained. Particularly caldari frigate 4, navigation, and missile launcher operation. Therefore it should take you substantially less than 5 days to get yourself to the point where you're competently flying a caracal. These skills will enable you to fit 5 heavy missile launchers, two medium shield extenders, an explosive resistance amplifier (lol passive shield tank), an afterburner, and two Ballistic control units. This is rather handy, as it's exactly what you need to take on anything up to a double battleship spawn in 4M.

Once you've gotten those skills, you should be able to make money by killing NPC rats for their bounties in whatever region we're currently inhabiting. For information as to technique, see Starting PvE as a Caldari Pilot

You should also train turret skills, though they may not come seriously into play until you start doing a lot of PvP. The turret skills you want to train are Small Hybrid Turret, Medium Hybrid Turret, and Large Hybrid Turret, same as Gallente.


The first thing you should train, if you don't have it already, is your racial Cruisers skill.

Train Gallente Frigate up to IV, if you haven't.
Train Spaceship Command up to III
Train Gallente Cruiser skill up to three. This will unlock most of the base cruiser ships for your race.

Start training the support skills listed below. You should emphasize gunnery (especially Railguns), drone, and armor-tanking related skills.

The turret skills you want to train are Small Hybrid Turret (for frigates), Medium Hybrid Turret (for cruisers), and Large Hybrid Turret(for battleships).

For a more specific, blow-by-blow list, that will prepare you for basic pvp and pve in Goonspace, try training skills in this order:

Gallente Newbie Skillplan
  1. Instant Recall I (27 minutes, 40 seconds)
  2. Analytical Mind I (25 minutes, 47 seconds)
  3. Instant Recall II (1 hour, 54 minutes, 12 seconds)
  4. Analytical Mind II (1 hour, 43 minutes, 49 seconds)
  5. Gallente Frigate IV (2 days, 8 hours, 37 minutes, 37 seconds)
  6. Gallente Cruiser I (56 minutes, 59 seconds)
  7. Gallente Cruiser II (4 hours, 25 minutes, 28 seconds)
  8. Mechanic I (~15 minutes)
  9. Mechanic II (~1 hour 30 minutes)
  10. Hull Upgrades I (38 minutes, 30 seconds)
  11. Hull Upgrades II (3 hours, 2 minutes, 40 seconds)
  12. Hull Upgrades III (17 hours, 13 minutes, 1 second)
  13. Repair Systems II (~2 hours, 10 minutes)
  14. Navigation I (~15 minutes)
  15. Afterburner I (~15 minutes)
  16. Electronics I (18 minutes, 40 seconds)
  17. Electronics II (1 hour, 31 minutes, 22 seconds)
  18. Electronics III (8 hours, 36 minutes, 28 seconds)
  19. Navigation II (1 hour, 13 minutes, 41 seconds)
  20. Propulsion Jamming I (58 minutes, 49 seconds)
  21. Science I (19 minutes, 36 seconds)
  22. Science II (1 hour, 31 minutes, 22 seconds)
  23. Engineering I (19 minutes, 36 seconds)
  24. Engineering II (1 hour, 31 minutes, 22 seconds)
  25. Engineering III (8 hours, 36 minutes, 28 seconds)
  26. Energy Emission Systems I (39 minutes, 12 seconds)
  27. Energy Emission Systems II (3 hours, 2 minutes, 40 seconds)
  28. Hull Upgrades IV (4 days, 1 hour, 23 minutes, 55 seconds) (so you can use armor hardeners).


The first thing you should train, if you don't have it already, is your racial Cruisers skill.

Train Amarr Frigate up to IV, if you haven't.
Train Spaceship Command up to III
Train Amarr Cruiser skill up to three. This will unlock most of the base cruiser ships for your race.

Next, you'll need to train your race-specific offense and defense skills. You'll want to focus on Armor Tanking and Capacitor skills at first.

Basic Armor Tanking Skills
Hull Upgrades IV - more armor, allows for armor hardeners
Repair Systems III - required for armor and structure repairers, higher levels get you faster armor repairing = more armor repaired per second
Mechanic III - 5% increased structure per level, required for armor repairers
Basic Capacitor Skills
Energy Management IV - higher cap capactity, and cap recharge time remains the same, so better effective cap regen/sec
Energy Systems Operation IV - faster cap regen

For guns, Amarr should be sure to train the Energy Turret skills corresponding with whatever class of ship they're flying -- Small Energy Turret (for frigates and destroyers), Medium Energy Turret (for cruisers), and Large Energy Turret (for battleships).


The first thing you should train, if you don't have it already, is your racial Cruisers skill.

Train Minmatar Frigate up to IV, if you haven't.
Train Spaceship Command up to III
Train Minmatar Cruiser skill up to three. This will unlock most of the base cruiser ships for your race.

Train missile and tackling support skills, just like Caldari. The turret skills you want to train are Small Projectile Turret, Medium Projectile Turret, and (eventually, when you get into battleships) Large Projectile Turret. For tanking, you'll probably want to train both shield tanking and armor tanking skills. Some minmatar ships shield tank, others armor tank, so you'll want a baseline ability with both.

Shield Tanking skills
Shield Management IV - more shields, also your regeration time remains the same as shield amount increases so it improves passive shield regen/sec
Shield Operation III - faster passive shield regeneration
Shield Compensation II - Reduces the capacitor need of active shield boosters. I don't know how essential this is because it only gives 2% reduced cap need per level.
Tactical Shield Manipulation I/IV - allows use of active shield hardeners
Armor Tanking Skills
Hull Upgrades IV - more armor, allows for armor hardeners
Repair Systems III - required for armor and structure repairers, higher levels get you faster armor repairing = more armor repaired per second
Mechanic III - 5% increased structure per level, required for armor repairers

Intermediate Skills

These are skills that everyone should have, but that represent lower priorities than things like basic tackling or racial cruiser skills. You should train them as soon as you can fit them in, but make sure you have the basic skills you need to have fun trained first.

Advanced Learning

Even though the word "Advanced" is in the title, these skills are part of the basics of the game, and should completed as soon as possible. The Advanced Learning skills cost a bit more than the basics (4.5m in empire and usually 5m-6.5m in Scalding Pass); thus, while you should get them early you may have to pick them up one at a time.

This is the recommended advanced learning skillpath for Revelations. If you did basic learning, and then fleshed out some more skills, or if you got some of the "basic" learning skills at character creation, just start where you left off.:

  1. Instant Recall I
  2. Analytical Mind I
  3. Learning I
  4. Instant Recall II
  5. Analytical Mind II
  6. Learning II
  7. Instant Recall III
  8. Analytical Mind III
  9. Learning III
  10. Instant Recall IV
  11. Eidetic Memory I
  12. Eidetic Memory II
  13. Eidetic Memory III
  14. Analytical Mind IV
  15. Logic I
  16. Logic II
  17. Logic III
  18. Learning IV
  19. Eidetic Memory IV
  20. Logic IV
  21. (Order does not matter)
    • Spatial Awareness I
    • Spatial Awareness II
    • Spatial Awareness III
    • Iron Will I
    • Iron Will II
    • Iron Will III
    • Empathy I
    • Empathy II
    • Empathy III
  22. Train Spatial Awareness IV, Iron Will IV, or Empathy IV, based on whichever attribute is the highest (Perception, Willpower, or Charisma). (i.e. If Perception is your highest of those three attributes, train Spatial Awareness IV.)
  23. Train Clarity, Focus or Presence to level 4 (again, based on your highest attribute).
  24. Repeat the above two steps for the other two skills.


Implants can (among other things) boost your attributes directly, and are highly recommended. However, can be expensive to buy, and if you are pod-killed while using them, you lose them. Still, even +1 implants are useful, and you should try and keep a set in at all times unless you know are you going to be podded repeatedly.

You will need the Cybernetics skill to use implants, and will want the Infomorph Psychology skill as well.

You want Infomorph Psychology because setting up Jump Clones before installing implants will make your life drastically easier. You won't be able to set up a Jump Clone until you've made the trip to a GoonSwarm station and trained the Infomorph Psychology skill.

Cybernetics has the Science skill as a prerequisite.

Support Skills

After you finish training the above skill paths, you should work on fleshing out your Support Skills.

Support skills are skills which (generally) aren't required for specific modules. Instead, they give blanket increases to all of a certain type of module - for instance, Surgical Strike increases all turret damage by 3%, from a Civilian Gatling Cannon to a 1400mm Howitzer Artillery Cannon. Training these skills will make you more lethal, independent of what you decide to fly. These skills are vital for all pilots because their effects are multiplied instead of added, and skills have no stacking penalty for bonuses like modules.

If you are at a loss for what to train, pick a category that relates to your flight style, and train them up.

Be sure to balance your training between main and support skills. Training all support skills immediately to IV will mean you can fly a very nasty frigate. Train them to III and you could be competent in a battleship in the same amount of time. As with all skills, diminishing returns become somewhat apparent after level II and very apparent after level IV.

A full list of Support Skills is available, along with in-depth information on their functions.

Universal Ship Skills

Certain skills are completely safe to train at any time, to any level, as they improve every ship in the game regardless of your race or playing style. They are:

Electronics - Improves CPU for all ships, allowing more/better modules to fit.
Engineering - Improves powergrid for all ships, allowing more/better modules to fit.
Signature Analysis - Improves targeting speed.
Weapon Upgrades - Lowers CPU requirements for gun or missile modules. See also Advanced Weapon Upgrades.
Navigation - Increases base speed for all ships. Better chance of catching up to, or escaping from, enemies.
Evasive Maneuvering - Increases ship agility, reducing align times and allowing closer orbits at higher speeds.
Energy Systems Operation - Increases capacitor recharge rate, which is necessary for almost all modules.
Energy Management - Increases maximum capacitor capacity.

Advanced Advice Regarding Training Choices

Here's some more advanced advice since it seems many of you are ready for it. Don't fear multiple ship races!!! There's no reason to continue with Caldari to battleship just because you already have Caldari Cruiser III or even Frigate IV.

Let's imagine these two scenarios

Caldari Frigate IV noob wants to train for a cruiser.
-> Caldari cruiser III takes about 3 days.
-> Another race's frigate IV plus cruiser III takes 5.5 days. Not that much worse.
Caldari Cruiser III dude wants to train for a battleship.
-> Caldari cruiser IV takes about 7 days
-> Another race's frigate IV plus cruiser IV takes only 11 days. Still not that bad.

Don't think that all the support skills make the difference either. If you are a missile guy and have never trained gunnery or vice versa, it only takes a week or two to become competent at one or the other. I define "competent" as meaning you can do tactically all the same things (i.e. are on the same 'playing field') but are generally 5% to 15% less effective at it. That's not a big difference!!

Here's the general lesson to take from this -> If you already have level III/IV in a skill and have to choose to take something to level IV/V remember that training ANYTHING to V takes so much longer than the other four levels combined that in choosing you should consider the previous 4 levels as not significant. Otherwise you're doing yourself a disservice in training a skill maybe that you'd like to have less than the other one just because you think you're "almost there". Ratio of levels I to IV of any skill VS level V = 45.3:210 or ~ 1:5. Ratio of levels I to III of any skill VS level IV = 8:37.3 or ~ 1:5. So is it worth training Caldari Frigate V for Interceptors when really you'd prefer the Amarr Interceptor when in actuality Caldari frigate IV gives you only a 20% head start?

Long Term Planning Beyond the Basic Skills

In a sense, the entire list above is "basic." Once you have all the appropriate skills from the above list trained, you aren't "done" -- you've just established a basic foundation that will make you relatively competent at whatever specific skill path you pick, whether that's Interceptors, Battleships, Recon Ships or whatever else. Your Goonfleet Career is just beginning! Start studying the GoonFleet Career section of the wiki. You'll find guides and training plans for all the various "end game" ships to help you find your long-term niche in the Fleet.

Planned training paths

For those wanting to follow a more structured plan you could consider one of these for your early life.

Newbee Fast Track Plan - A plan designed to give you a better taste of eve and get you into a large variety of ships during your trial period.

Copyright Notice & Attribution Request

We at GoonSwarm hope these articles can help every new Eve player. However, if you copy them for use elsewhere, please credit this source. We update these pages regularly and want everyone to have the benefit of our most current analysis. Thanks.