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EVE has a very lengthy tutorial that you can participate in when you first enter the game. DO IT. Stick with it. It may seem boring or slow paced, but it will teach you the basics of combat, space travel, etc. We deal with a lot of new players, and when players ask really basic questions that are answered in-depth in the tutorial, it's annoying and takes time away from more important questions.

So, in summary: DO THE TUTORIAL, and set aside a couple of hours if you can.

The first mission you get give you 4 Graduation Certificates. You must take these to the locations on the certificate and turn them in to the agent. They will give you missions to run and these mission will help to boost your faction standing. You can also just keep these in the station for use later. Standing isn't as important now that we don't tend to run missions for income as much as we did when we were based out of Syndicate.

If you eventually get round to making a second character you can skip the tutorial and do the first mission in order to get the graduation certificates.

  1. Tutorial Tips
    • When they tell you to mine ~200 ore or whatever, head to another belt. You should be able to mine 30-50 ore in a minute or two.