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General Organization

  1. Try to keep everything posted organized and in proper relation to other categories. If you can put something as a subcategory, or a sub-link in a broader article, that might be better than putting it on the main page.
    1. When using categories, don't use a single '='s as a header. So this is bad: =HAY GUYZ=
  2. Remember who's reading this. A lot of people reading this wiki will be brand-spanking-new. Anything more than five or so sub-links in a given category and their eyes are going to glaze over and they won't read it -- they'll get overwhelmed with information. 5 pages with 5 sub-pages each is 500 times more useful than a string of 25 unsorted links on the main page.
  3. Pay attention to how other entries of similar type are formatted, and follow suit. For example, you'll notice almost all the posted ship fittings are posted in the same format. If you post a ship fitting, follow that same format.
  4. Think twice about making major organizational changes unless you're absolutely certain that your changes are an improvement. There may be reasons for things being the way they are that aren't immediately clear.

What Not To Do


There is a place for KKKomedy, screwing up things, and acting like an asshat. This is not it. Literally thousands of people rely on this wiki as a source of accurate information. As an example of what will not be tolerated, look at this entry:


In the abstract, there's nothing wrong with it. It's even somewhat funny. But it has no place here, because it's far more likely to confuse and bewilder hopeless newbies than it is to do anything else. Entries of this nature will be purged, regardless of comedic value. If you want to be a comedian here, do so in a way that contributes to the wiki as a source of information, not in a way that detracts.

Failure to follow this simple guideline will get you in a a world of hurt, and potentially result in the revocation of your general access. So don't fuck it up.


Don't clog the wiki with clueless bullshit.

It's great that your grandmother's brother's dog's hairdresser's cousin told you that Dreadnoughts make great tacklers or that cloaking interceptors are a super idea. Please, however, don't add to or change the wiki unless you have some concrete data to back up your changes, including actual in-game testing. "Hay Guys, this sounds awesome" is not. If that's all you have, don't put it in the wiki until you have some support to back it up.

If you have actually playtested your crazy scheme, that's great. Prove us all wrong. But do not clog up the wiki with random bullshit unless you've got some solid reason to believe it isn't bullshit.

Formating and stuff

If you want to create a new page, change the link up top ie.

  • Note: you can always edit stuff and see what kind of "code" you need for a certain format or whatever
  • In order to edit, look for the tab that says edit.
  • Creating more then 4 subheading automatically creates the table of contents
What to type in wiki editor What shows up

I want to use the word [[tackling|tacklers]] but the page is called tackling


I want to use the word tacklers but the page is called tackling

(That's 4 tildes. Use this for automatically marking your
name and time on talk/discussion pages and the like.)
Cube Polygon 23:07, 14 February 2006 (CST)

* aaa
* bbb
* ccc

  • aaa
  • bbb
  • ccc

# aaa
# bbb
# ccc

  1. aaa
  2. bbb
  3. ccc

# Things that end in es
#* buttes
#* donges
# Something
#* Awful
#* Dotcom

  1. Things that end in es
    • buttes
    • donges
  2. Something
    • Awful
    • Dotcom


===sub heading===



sub heading








| cell 1, row 1

| cell 2, row 1


| cell 1, row 2

| cell 2, row 2


cell 1, row 1 cell 2, row 1
cell 1, row 2 cell 2, row 2
<nowiki>==something in wiki code==</nowiki> ==something in wiki code==


Ship fittings

The shipbox template makes it easy to make all the ship pages look alike. For example, see the Rifter page.


Strengths and weaknesses, blah blah introduction


  • *ship bonus 1
  • *ship bonus 2


==Type of Fitting== <------ Is it intended for PvE, for fleet PvP, or solo/small gang PvP?

===Whose setup=== <------ named for that setup's role/characteristics.


(highs go here)
(highs go here)


(mids go here)
(mids go here)


(lows go here)
(lows go here)


(drones go here)

Add a short description of how/when to fly this setup and why it is good here. "I killed a newbie ship with it yesterday" is not sufficient. Minor variations on an existing setup should be explained/offered in the comments to the existing setup, especially if the basic tactics of flying the setup are unchanged; this prevents cluttering with overly similar setups.

Use of Images

You can upload images to the wiki using this link:

If you put large images in the guides, please be sure to thumbnail them. Otherwise the images dwarf the text and the guides become unreadable.

Advanced Table Editing

Make your tables actually show borders and stuff! If you know some CSS, this is easy as heck anyway.

Both of the following produce the same, basic table:

{| border="1"
| A1 || B1 || C1
| A2 || B2 || C2
| A3 || B3 || C3
{| border="1"
| A1 
| B1 
| C1
| A2 
| B2 
| C2
| A3 
| B3 
| C3

They both produce:

A1 B1 C1
A2 B2 C2
A3 B3 C3

Note that you use a single pipe for the first TD cell in a physical wikicode line. If you add others, use a double pipe between the cells.

I use the first one where possible (when coloring/formatting is dependant on rows) but if you use individual cell highlighting, it might be easier to use the second type. It's based on your preference and the type of table, really.

It should be easy to figure out what everything in the following example does, if you understand the basic table structure. You'll notice that the style="what" part has another | after it when styling a cell, and it also goes right after the |- symbol for a table row, so don't forget about that. If you want to style the whole table (or add a border for the whole thing and just use border="whatever"), the style goes after the {| table declaration. See if you can understand the following stuff:

{| border="1"
|- style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold; background-color: #ddd;"
| style="width: 200px" | EVE Name 
| style="width: 200px" | SA Name 
| style="width: 200px" | Awesome
| style="color: #0ff;" | Cube Polygon 
| style="border: solid 3px #00f;" | BlueCube
| style="background-color: #acc;" | Yes
| style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;" | Remedial 
| style="font-size: 1.4em;" | Remedy 
| style="font-family: courier, sans-serif;" | Yes 
EVE Name SA Name Awesome
Cube Polygon BlueCube Yes
Remedial Remedy No

(Yes, the table looks complicated (and bad) because there's so many random things in it so you can see what things do. Normally you'd pick one thing and go with that.)

Converting MS Excel Spreadsheets into Wiki Tables