Unsecured Frontier Server Bank

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Unsecured Perimeter Information Center
Type Hacking
W-space system type Dangerous
Probe signature Radar
Loot type Sleeper Datacores, Sleeper Decryptors, Hybrid R.A.M., Hull Pieces
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Has four waves, like all Wormspace dangerous complexes

Wave 1: Spawned with 5x Cruiser, 6x Frigates.

Wave 2: Spawns roughly 8x Cruiser, maybe 5x Frigates <- The end of this wave is a good time to ninja

Wave 3: Spawns Keeper, Warden, and Sentinel of both Cruiser and Frigate classes, perhaps 8x and 8x of both. The Wardens love to RR circlejerk so kill them first.

Wave 4: Spawns 2 Keeper Battleships, 1 Sentinel Battleship, and 2-3 Frigates. Much more powerful than the preceding three waves.

Has 15 Databanks, can have one 'Derelict Talocan Battleship' The hull pieces from the Talocan battleship and the datacores are the valuble loot.

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