Solar Cell

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Solar Cell
Type n/a
W-space system type Normal
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Smallish amounts, approx. 50-75m
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Initially has 1 frig, 1 cruiser. (additional random Defender BS may spawn)

Killing first frig spawns 4 frigs, 3 cruisers.

Killing all but 1 frig spawns 2 BS and 2 cruisers.

Total, 2 cruisers are NOS and all frigs are tacklers. 1 BS is RR and the other webs.

July 2009 run: It's possible to tank this with a priest/tank domi (2*LAR, 2 Large Shield Transporter) + Drake (2 Invuln IIs)+ Sleipnir (1 Invuln II + XL Shield Booster), loot+salvage was about 60m.

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