Serpentis Sanctum

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Remarkably similar the Blood Sanctums except the rats sensor damp and use blasters/rails instead of lasers/neuts. The hardest thing about this site is the sensor dampening leaving you unable to lock anything >20km and the initial damage on spawn if the blaster BS rats are able to get in range (They started taking my tank down on a dual-rep Dominix) but as long as you clear a few of them out quickly you shouldn't have a problem (protip: they're probably the only rats you'll be able to lock at first anyway if you're not sensor boosted).

The first few waves trigger when you get down to one rat left from the previous spawns, later waves trigger when you get down to two. The station version triggers when you shoot the structure, the rings o' hardeners version triggers 30 seconds or so after you land on grid and is laughably easy (when it doesn't bug out and trigger nothing ;_;). Someone clean this up and add trip reports.

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