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The toughest Serpentis escalation plex. This entry is stolen wholesale from eveopedia. Mostly identical to the other Prov HQ's, though.

Serpentis Provincial HQ
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace 1st & 2nd site only
Gated 1st & 2nd site only
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Core X-Type
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First Room

12 BS (8 x 50km, 4 x 10km), 3 BC, 4 HAC, 3 Frigs, Sentrys

'Gate to Sarpati Luxury Lodge' unlocked with shadow serpentis crystal tag which is used up on activation. It may also be unlocked by destroying the Core Officer's Quarters. Note that attacking the Officer Quarters causes a very large amount of Core Grand Admiral battleships and scrambling frigates to spawn.

Second Room

2 frigs, 3 BS, 2 BC, 2 HAC, 5 x Siege Blaster Cannon (lots of dps and lots of hit points).

After killing the first wave and engaging the station, a large number of Core BS and assorted ships comes in, in detail about 15 BS, 4 CR, 5 Frigs. There should be a Shadow Serpentis BS. After killing it you might get an escalation.

Note: the second wave is actually two sub-waves. Shooting the station once, and only once, will trigger about 1/3 of the total spawn. The combined DPS of both sub-waves at close range will murder a plextar even with nothing else in the room.

Serpentis Secrets

This is the toughest Serpentis escalation chain, and befitting that fact, expect heavy EWAR throughout. It is also suggested that the latter stages are not attempted solo, or without sufficient preparation.

Part One

Warp-in location contains approximately 7 Battleships, 4 Cruisers and 4 Frigates, and possibly a Shadow Serpentis battleship.

The Acceleration gate leads to a second area, where there are no enemies. If nothing happens, then your quest is at an end, however, you may be lucky.

Ours De Soin: Good to see you decided to come. I can not promise you any payment if you take on these Serpentis bases, but you will earn fame among the locals and the fortune the Serpentis leave behind. I'm going to send a couple of my spy drones to see if the Serpentis are still where they were yesterday.


Upon a succesful escalation

The radio crackles, it is the vigilante all excited, who whispers in a conspiratorial tone "They are still here! Come quick and we shall introduce them to pain!


Part Two

Control Center Operator: More intruders! Maybe they're connected with the spy drones we just destroyed. I bet CONCORD sent them! Take care of them mates!


The bookmark leads you to an area populated with 10 BS, 6 HAC, 2 Destroyers, 3 Guardian Frigs, 2 Stasis towers and 6 Tower Sentries, plus a possible Shadow Serpentis battleship.

Upon killing the Shadow battleship, you may recieve another escalation.

"We sure did show them! You sure are better than no one to have around when the missiles are flying! But there is no time to float here fabulating, we must press on, another division of this same group is close by!"


Part Three

As you enter, you see your friend several hundred kilometers off target, complaining about something being rotten in the hydraulic system. With the Serpentis on the other hand, it seems like all systems are go.

Ours De Soin: I hope you will manage without me, but I am going to check the next and last target. It is a central station for the local Serpentis. We dont want them to get away, I will hold them busy till you arrive!


Initial spawn: 1 Guardian frig, 3 HAC, 3 BC, 8 BS, 1 Shadow Serpentis BS, 2 Siege Blaster sentries, 2 Stasis towers and 1 Serpentis Defense Sentinel.

The Serpentis Defense Sentinel fires Thermal Citadel Torpedoes, however they only do 7200 raw damage. Attacking the Defense Sentinel may cause a large number of Battleships and frigates to spawn.

Destroying the Shadow battleship may give the final escalation.

"I will hold them busy till you arrive!" Yea right. The only way he is going to hold them up is to stun them with a steady flow of exclamation marks. You have heard of the Serpentis secret service and a whole gang of them is not anything one wishes to meet on a dark intergalactic bypass in the middle of the night. And if you are "lucky", they will have a solid Dominations elite team as a backup. Soon the radio livens again when this chatty vigilant type sends a message to his newfound friend (i.e. You) "Yes, they are here and it seems the element of surprise is on our side! I suggest that you open with a full frontal assault, so I can charge from the side, surround their flanks and drive a stake through their rotten hearts! I will need to stay of the air for now, I am launching a covert op through deceptive tactics in order to get into position! Good luck!! You are feeling lucky, right?!!" He had to ask... You feel the only appropriate answer is "Mmmm..k", Come to think of it, this might be a 12 year old who has stolen his mom’s ship. Anyways, there is nothing to wait for, there are the coordinates and the enemy is waiting.


Part Four

The Bookmark leads to a Serpentis Privateer Stronghold, with no spawn on entry.


Aggressing it will cause a large spawn consisting of 2 Stasis towers, 2 Siege Blaster batteries, 9 Guardian Frigs, 13 HAC, 7 BC and 27 BS.

After destroying the first wave, continue shooting the station. At 75%-50% shields you will get another spawn(s), consisting of 13 Guardian Frigs, 6 HAC, 8 BC and 26 or so BS

When the station reaches 25% third spawn of 3 Destroyers, 4 HAC and 7 BS appears (May be triggered with the second spawn)

Completely depleting the station's shields will cuase the final spawn consisting of 8 Spider Drone II, 8 Heysus's Privateer (Renamed Guardian Frigates), and Privateer Admiral Heysus Sarparti.

Heysus Sarpati: So we meet at last. You are most likely the one that has been disrupting our operations recently. I must say, I'm impressed with your ability to crush my comrades. But taking on me is an entirely different matter.

Since you've done so well for yourself, I'll give you the comforting knowledge that your body will be sent to your family in one piece. And if you have any close relatives that show promise in the space-combat business, I'll make sure to offer them a place at my side.



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