Serpentis Prison Camp

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Serpentis Prison Camp
Type DED complex
Number of sites 4
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Class 2
Loot type 21st OSE, Vindicator BPC, Core B-Type
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This is the Serpentis 8/10 complex, and is as annoying as most Serpentis locations with the usual sensor damping. If you can fit a Sensor Booster on your ship, do so. The real problem is the final room, which has a ton of webbing towers as well as a main station that also webs like mad and fires citadel torps.


Warpin puts you 30 KM off the next gate. The initial spawn is a pair of mid-level BS and a half dozen destroyers. Easy peasy.

Second Room

This room has a larger number of rats, with 7 BS, 6 BC, and over a dozen destroyers.

Third Room

4 sentry towers, 6 BS, 6 BC, 5 cruisers, and a dozen destroyers. Possible faction BS spawn as well.

Final Room

4 stasis towers, 4 sentry guns, 20-30 destroyers, 8 HACS, 10 BC, 6 BS and most of all, the Serpentis Prisoner Isolation Facility. The facility both webs and shoots a citadel torpedo which calls for a stiff tank. Destroying the facility leaves a 21st OSE and possible Core B-type gear & Vindicator BPC. Watch out for the Guardian Spy and Guardian Agent frigs, as they will scram and tackle. Bring a logi if possible and have it follow you in after the rats all attack you.

Trip Reports

07/25/2011 - Running with limited information for the first time, my Tengu was able to handle the first three rooms but I was unable to handle the last one. Couldn't get out in time and lost the ship, but what the hell. Somebody has to be first in the barrel.

8/9/2011 - Just finished running this with a standard ratting Tengu and a shield priest Dominix, the tank was absolutely no problem. While it took a while to get the last building down, the Garde II's of my domi, and the Scourge furies of the Tengu got the job done in the end. (Took around 25 minutes in itself.) Dropped 21st tier effects, and a meta 1 425mm Railgun. Fml.

12/4/2011 - Ran it with a Megathron, 2kin/2therm hardeners and 2x triple remote rep Domis in support. Never in any danger of having my tank break. There was a faction spawn in the 3rd room who dropped a couple of pointless anti-em armor plates, and the final station dropped a C-Type 100mn afterburner. The final station is a pain in the ass to kill as its armor regenerates to 100% every 10 seconds and it has a TON of structure HP.

7/20/2012 - Ran it with two Tengus, had tank problems in last room when cruisers were too close, had to warp out once. Structure was pain in the ass to kill, took 30 min+, dropped 21st tier effects and meta magstab. Shadow BS in third room dropped worthless plate.

12/1/2012 - Ran it with drake scimi and tengu no tanking problems. Droped faction web twp faction hardners 21 oversier affect and a vindicator bpc. Was fun and easy

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