Serpentis Fortress

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Serpentis Fortress
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Core A-type
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Mid-range Serpentis escalation complex. Pretty close to the Blood Raider version.


First room

Rats appear in three groups around 40-70km from the warpin, they don't appear to aggro until attacked and each group appears to aggro independently.

  • 25x Frigs (3-4 scouts can web/scramble)
  • 12x Cruisers and BCs (sensor damp)
  • 9x BS

Warp gate is 25km from the entrance. Kill everything and activate it.

Second room

Aggro on warp in, ~20-50km from warpin

  • 14x Frigs (3-4x scouts can warp scramble)
  • 7x Cruisers and BCs
  • 4x BS

Shooting the last cruiser may spawn a faction BS.

There is a large collidable structure, Serpentis Stronghold, 30km from the warpin. Killing either this structure or the BS may escalate the plex.

  • Trip Report Mar 21 - No extra spawn after shooting last cruiser, no escalation blowing up station.
  • Trip Report Mar 21 - Nothing new spawned for me either after shooting the last cruiser. I did however get an escalation after shooting the Stronghold. I haven't run the escalation yet, and I will update this page when I do.
  • Trip Report Mar 27 - No extra spawn after shooting last cruiser, no escalation after blowing up station.
  • Trip Report Jun 23 - Shadow Serp BS spawned, dropped SS Armor Kinetic Hardener, and SS Warp Scrambler. Shot and destroyed the stronghold and everything else, no escalation.
  • Trip Report Jan 13 - Shadow Serp BS spawned, dropped Snake Alpha. no escalation after blowing up the station.
  • Trip Report Jun 18 - Shadow Serp BS spawned after last frigate died, only droped a tag, faction L iron charges, and misc named mods. Also got the escalation upon death.

First Escalation

Initial site

You warp in to an acceleration gate guarded by 4 Core Admirals, one Faction BS and four Cruisers. All you gotta do is kill the faction BS to get the next bookmark. If you go thru the acceleration gate you will find.....nothing.

  • Trip Report 22 March the Faction BS dropped a Shadow Serpentis Sensor Boosters, tags, ammo and some named junk.

First room

There's nothing here. If there wasn't a faction BS on the gate coming in....try shooting some stuff, maybe you'll get the next bookmark.

  • Trip Report Oct 25 - There was no faction spawn on the gate but I got the escalation upon entering the first room. It was still empty, however."
  • Trip Report 22DEC11 - Faction BS gave escalation and crappy hardener.

Second Escalation

Not Gated

You warp in to a big pile of crap. 15 frigs, some tackle and web. 9 cruisers and a Faction BS. Not real sure what triggered the escalation, possibly killing off the frigs. When we got the message there was still a couple cruisers and the BS on grid.

  • Trip Report 22 March Shadow Serpentis Admiral Dropped a thermic membrane, EM armor hardener, tags and ammo.
  • Trip Report 23DEC11 Faction BS gave escalation and Shadow Serpentis 425mm Rail Gun

Third Escalation

Not Gated

You warp in to find: 5 Core Admirals, 4 Cruisers, one tackling and webbing frigate AND....a Shadow Serpentis Admiral Battleship. After you kill the Faction BS you'll either get the escalation message...or it will dead end.

There is an acceleration gate on grid, and if you go thru it you'll find more shit to kill. There's not much point as there's no faction ships inside and if you've already got the escalation/deadend message why bother? If you got no message at all, go in there I guess.

  • Trip Report 23 March Faction BS dropped Tags, ammo and a Explosive hardener. Thanks CCP.
  • Trip Report 23DEC11 Faction BS gave escalation and magnetic plating.

Final Escalation

First area not gated, but the boss is through a gate. Large numbers of Serpentis ships, but no worse than the initial Fortress first room. Also are 4 frigate rats that web and scramble. Easily soloed in a passive shield tanked Ishtar. The boss is listed as a Shadow Serpentis something or other, but he is the overseer. Oddly, no Overseers effects dropped, much like the Guristas fortress.

Trip Report 23DEC11: Pithum A-Type EM hardener and Large Armor Rep. Worth about 500M in total. No Overseer's Effects.

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