Serpentis Fleet Shipyard

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Serpentis Fleet Shipyard
Type DED complex (10/10)
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Core X-Type modules, 23rd Tier Overseer's Effects, Vindicator BPC
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This is a DED complex rated 10/10. There is a single webbing tower in every room other than the final room, destroy these early and the site is trivial to speed tank. There are no scramming/neuting/tracking disrupting towers or ships. There are a handful of sensor dampening ships and an even mix of cruise/heavy missile towers. There are no "pain-in-the-ass" npc's, everything sub-bs will die quickly to drones.

This can be soloed with ease in a T2 fitted Tengu.


Roughly 8 frigs, 6 cruisers, 6 BS, a few towers, and an overseer. The acceleration gate at the end of the room will take you to the main room. Overseer drops no loot of interest. However, ALL overseers salvage into T2 salvage.

Main Room

The main room is basically like the first room but with more of everything (8 BS)and another overseer. The Overseer can rarely drop Shadow Serpentis loot. Note: One of the the towers in this room is a Sansha Tachyon Beam Sentry, take it out early if you don't have EM resists.

After you clear the room there are 3 acceleration gates: Alpha Hangar (left), Beta Hangar (right), and Final Room (straight forward). The Alpha and Beta Hangars are completely optional.

Alpha Hangar

A bit easier than the last room. Kill everything + the overseer and take the gate back to the main room.

Beta Hangar

Basically the same as the Alpha Hangar.

Final Room

Roughly 8 frigs, 6 cruisers, 6 BS, a few towers, and a station that shoots thermal citadel torpedoes at you. The DPS here is similar to the rest of the rooms, i.e. it's fairly easy to tank. The overseer has weak citadel torpedoes and does maybe 200 dps. You'll need ~1000 dps to break its tank and 1500+ if you want it to go quickly. See the final note on this page for a far better method of killing this overseer.

  • Be careful about aggro here, there are npc's in front of and behind you when you warp in.
  • 4 LRARs are enough to rep full aggro on a well fit domi. Other tanks with better resists should be even easier.

Other notes

  • This complex is by far the easiest 10/10 I've seen. No nasty surprises, relatively easy to tank, and the final overseer is a joke.
  • There are 5 overseers but only the final overseer drops overseer effects.
  • There are no keys anymore, so it is possible to skip the Alpha/Beta Hangars and go straight to the Final Room.
  • The final overseer webs, fires citadel torps, and reps an enormous amount of armor. It will stop doing all these things if you get 60km away from it. When you warp in, you'll be about 35km away from it - burn away and set up your orbit and you can kill this thing with a single ship. When using this method, switch to EM damage, the armor will no longer rep but the shield will regen quickly, EM lets you cut through the shield and onto the resistless structure far more effectively.
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