Serpentis Base

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Serpentis Base
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Core C-Type
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This is the low end Serpentis exploration complex.


First Room

You warp in 60km from the acceleration gate into 3 groups:

1x cruiser 7km away, 3x BS + 2x frigates 100km away, 1x cruiser 150km away.

The cruisers and frigs sensor dampen but have no other special abilities.

Killing the last BS spawns 3 more cruisers 30km from the gate, and killing the 150km cruiser spawns 3 more cruisers at 100km from the gate. All spawns must die to use the gate.

Second Room

You warp into 3 cruisers 60km away. About 30 seconds in, 2 BS and 2-3 more cruisers appear 90km away, and 2 minutes in, another wave of 3 cruisers and 3 frigs appear 110km away. Just before this wave spawns, a faction BS may also appear in a fourth spot fairly far away from the other three, but it won't always. There are also a few random structures, including a "Serpentis Armory" 160km off.

Engaging the armory spawns 4 frigates and 3 cruisers 120km away from it. It has some minor shield regen but not enough to make any perceptible difference. It drops a container of small ammo when destroyed. Killing it (when a faction BS did not spawn) did not escalate the encounter or do anything else, but I killed it before bothering to deal with the last wave of stuff. YMMV. If you have a high alpha fit, it's easy to alpha the armory. If you alpha the armory, the frigates and cruisers won't spawn. I can't confirm whether alpha'ing the armory will also prevent it from causing an escalation, but it's possible it does. Best advice, be next to the armory when you attack it, and attack it with something that does low alpha to slowly kill it to make sure. Up to you, though.

-- 22nd Dec no faction spawn, killed the armoury, site escalated 7 jumps (into Outer Ring)

--28th Mar 11, no faction spawn, killed all the structures, no escalation, boring as fuck.

--Manzinus 22:56, 27 July 2011 (EDT), faction spawned, killed armoury (did not alpha it) kill frigates & cruisers that spawned after armory, no escalation.

-- 02/03/12 Had faction spawn appear after killing 2/3 BS. Site escalated upon destroying the armory with slow drone dps, then killed the faction spawn for nice drops.

When a faction BS did spawn, killing it escalated the plex.

Realistically, everything in here dies quickly and painlessly and a newbie in a T1 BC could solo the whole thing.

First Escalation

One room. No gate. You warp in 100km+ from a bunch of BC's/frigs/turrets and 1,500m from a faction BS. This plex escalates as soon as you load grid :ccp: The faction BS doesn't always spawn (I've seen it 1/4 times I've gotten the escalation). There appears to be no trigger for escalation. Either you get the message and bookmark as soon as you arrive or you don't get one at all.

There are a ton of frigs and cruisers that spawn in this room, but other than damping and a few that web or scram, it's not very dangerous at all. If you approach the cruise missile batteries, a named BS will spawn called Avon Cobergneyde. He's flagged as a Core Grand Admiral, has a 1.2m bounty and otherwise is wholly unremarkable. He drops no key. He causes no escalations. He drops no faction loot. When you kill him 3 BCs and 4 BS will spawn. If you got the escalation when you arrived and/or got the serpentis bs, you can probably kill that and be on your way. If you didn't get either one and want to try to trigger it by blowing up all the amusingly named collidable structures in here, be my guest.

Warning: When this does escalate, it appears to escalate far away, up to ten jumps.

Second Escalation

You will warp in to a single, ungated room. You warp into 4 elite cruisers, 3 regular BS and possibly 1 faction BS. There are also 4 cruise missile batteries and a "Serpentis Drug Factory." The drug factory shoots Paradise Citadel Cruise Missiles and webs within 40km. The cruisers and BS will sensor damp you severely, usually taking your range down to about 10 km, so you'll want to head straight for them and kill them as soon as you get close enough to lock.

There is another structure called "Drug Lab." Shooting the Drug Lab structure usually triggers a second spawn of 3 BC and 3-4 low quality BS, but it also can trigger a special spawn featuring a officer named Quertah Bleu, along with some mid-level frigates (labelled Quertah's Sidekick), BC, and BS. He's worth 12.75 mil and can drop Core C-Type gear. Killing either an initial faction spawn or Quertah gives you a pop-up message and finishes the complex. Ignore the Drug Factory. The single missile it fires can be tanked easily enough, it has a bounty of only 300k, it drops useless crap, and the thing has self-repair capabilities that make it a ridiculously long process to shoot.

Trip Reports

7/31/2011 - Escalation through to final stage. No faction spawns at any stage. :condi: ADDENDUM: After leaving the drug factory untouched, I noticed the following day that the expedition was still there. Bored, I loaded up on cheap t1 ammo to see how long it would take to kill the thing. Imagine my surprise to find that the site had completely respawned and that this time there was a faction BS. It dropped a Snake Alpha and a Shadow Serpentis Tracking Link, so :waycool:

8/5/2011 - Triggered Quertah & got Core C-Type Armor Explosive hardener.

2/3/2012 - Initial Site, 2nd Room. Faction spawn Shadow Port Admiral dropped Shadow Serpentis Tracking Computer and Snake Omega. Hooray for random drops.

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