Serpentis Logistical Outpost

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Serpentis Logistical Outpost
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Corelum A-Type
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In a recent change this site now drops Corelum A-Types which makes it well worth running, even though it is mind numbingly tedious and far too difficult. Escalation to the second part is guaranteed, so much as the Fleet Staging Point serves as the DED 9/10, this now serves as the Serpentis 6/10.


I lost a Tengu to this plex yesterday. The combination of pretty tough webbing/scrambling frigates, sensor dampening and neutralizing towers that spawn 70-80 km away is a deadly combination.


First Room

The scanned down site's first room is very easy. Assorted BS, frigates, cruisers. Kill them. Yawn.

Second Room

First annoying/dangerous room. Two energy neutralizers in this room along with a healthy pile of frigs, cruisers, missile and sentry batteries and BS. These energy neuts are t2 and go down relatively quickly. My recommendation if you are active tanking and solo'ing this is to burn straight for the large satellite dishes in front of you when you warp in and orbit something random around there. This ensures that even if you're damped pretty hard you'll be in targeting range of the neuts. They spawn about 1 minute after you warp in. Depending on your cap recharge rate and dps, this is the only potentially hairy part of the scanned down site. After you finish this room, with a few spawns, you can go to the third room. I don't know if you can outrange the neuts.

Third Room

More random shit of assorted size. Potential for a mid-range Shadow BS. Once you kill the last or second to last ship here, it should escalate. A few reports say this site will ALWAYS escalate. I've done it twice and gotten an escalation twice. No promises, your mileage may vary.


First Room

There are three groups in this room, each about 30k away from the others in a triangle. There are 4 t2 neut towers, 1 in two of the groups and 2 in the last. There's also a good number of frigates, cruisers, bs and dps towers. Everything is present on warping. Everything aggros on warpin. Neut range is 250km, so the best way to approach this is to warp in a pod, bm, warp out, warp in at 100km, bm again,warp out, warp in to the second bm at 100km and bm again. If that doesn't put you far enough away, do it one more time for good measure.

If you're purely passive tanked, obviously you can do this solo. If you're active, you either need a logi or a friend. At 250km the sentries will still shoot you, but you won't have any other ships aggro'd. The way we did this was for one person to get into 250km range of all four neuts and just align away to minimize damage. The other person warped from the on grid spots you set up above directly to a tower, killed it and warped back to the on grid spot. You can kill both single towers this way without the scram/web rats getting to you. The scram/web rats are with the last two towers, so hopefully you can survive getting webbed while you kill those and your partner isn't low enough that he has to warp out. Once the last neut tower is dead, your partner can warp in and you can just kill everything.

Second Room

This room is unmitigated awfulness and probably why most people refuse to run this place. There are really only two things that might kill you here. The first is the pile of webbing frigates that are there when you warp in and will gimp your ability to speed tank. The second is the t3 neutralizing tower that spawns about 30 seconds to a minute after you land. It drains a ton of cap and has a ton of hp and if you also happen to be damped, it spawns pretty far away from you, so have fun. This initial spawn broke the tank of an ishtar that can tank the serpentis 10/10 plex without much trouble, to give you some idea of how much it sucks. Needless to say this has an array of dps towers, bs, bc and cruisers all shooting at you, too.

If you survive this, you're pretty much safe from dying, but now you get to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. The rest of the spawns are triggered by killing the highest bounty of the previous spawn and there are a lot of waves. Off the cuff, I'd say 6, but it could be more. It feels interminable. Each individual wave is in no way special and won't have any chance of breaking your tank if you tanked the initial spawn in this room. If you have drones out or logi or fragile dps ships or something, they can and will get aggro, so this is not a good plex in which to deploy drones on aggressive and go afk. You'll return to dead drones for sure.

Eventually (EVENTUALLY) a named BS rat will spawn called Uehiro Katsen. I don't know if he does as much dps as the evelopedia article claims or if he webs or scrams. He has a 2.5mil isk bounty and, in my experience, dies very quickly. His tank seemed only barely stronger than a Serpentis Lord Admiral, so I doubt he can actually give anyone much trouble if they can get to this point. He drops Corelum A-Type loot and 19th Overseer Effects (worth 50 million). He has a chance to drop a vindicator BPC.

Closing Thoughts

If you have a passive tanked ship/logi support/some friends and don't mind killing a LOT of rats to get to the deadspace loot, this isn't an awful use of your time. The bounties aren't wholly insignificant (I'd estimate if you did it by yourself you'd make about 50-60mil without a faction spawn), it is certain to escalate and he does at least drop an overseer effect unlike the jerks from some of the other low-end escalating sites (Fortresses, Bases, etc.). That said, it is impossible to blitz, you do have to deal with new waves that might aggro annoying non-tank ships and drones, the neuts are super lame, it takes forever even with high dps ships (unless you have many of them).

Trip Reports

3/18/2012 - loot seems to have been bumped up to A-type and down to cruiser size. Loot: Vigilant BPC, A-Type EM Membrane, A-Type Explosive Membrane, Dual 150mm Railgun, A-Type 10mn Microwarpdrive, A-Type 10mn Afterburner

7/02/2012 - Loot: A-Type Medium Armor Repairer, A-Type Thermic Membrane A-Type Armor EM Hardener

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