Sansha War Supply Complex

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Sansha War Supply Complex
Type DED complex (6/10)
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Centum A-Type, overseer effects
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This is a DED complex rated 6/10, easily recognizable by the popup when you warp to it and when entering each of the rooms. It is not soloable in a single battleship, but it's easy to tank with a battleship supported by some kind of priest ship. There are no webbing/scramming/neut/disrupting towers or frigs. A couple tracking disruptor BS. No missile towers or boobytraps.

The last overseer, Skomener Effotber, repairs over an estimated 500-1500dps depending on damage type(EM lowest) so unless you have particularly high damage setups you will need a third ship to provide DPS. Running it with a cruise Raven as tank and a shield transporting Dominix with Ogre IIs was not enough, we needed to call in an Apocalypse to finish it.


3 frigs, 4 cruisers, 6 BS, and an overseer that drops 11th Tier Overseer Effects and can salvage to some T2 rig parts. No other worthwhile loot. Two acceleration gates in the room, the left leads to an room that you used to have to run to get a key, but since the plexes moved to exploration you don't need it anymore. You can still run the left room to get 12th Tier Overseer Effects and some bounties; the acceleration gate out of it leads back to the first room. If you don't want to bother just take the right gate, named "Acceleration gate to the Production Park."

Second room

(This is the second room assuming you took the gate to the right in the first room, otherwise it'd be the third.)

5 frigs, 7 cruisers, 12 BS, and an overseer who drops a 13th Tier Overseer Effects and can salvage to T2 rig parts. No other worthwhile loot. One acceleration gate.

Third room

7 frigs, 7 cruisers, 11 BS, and an overseer that drops a 14th Tier Overseer Effects and can salvage to T2 rig parts. He may also (very rarely) drop a True Sansha module. No other worthwhile loot. One acceleration gate.

Final room

9 frigs, 11 cruisers, 8 BS, and an overseer that drops a 15th Tier Overseer Effects, can drop Centum A-Type loot and salvage to T2 rig parts. No other loot of interest, don't bother blowing up the structures.

Other notes

Roughly 200m from overseer's effects and salvage. Not bad for an hour of ratting. I seriously doubt you could solo this complex, but it is sleepy time ratting with a priest. I ran it while at work and going AFK constantly.

7/20/09 You CAN solo this complex. You need an ok tank (obviously). An apoc or a Navy apoc works perfectly for this. I can run 8 large pulses, a LAR and still put 2x Thermic and 2x EM t2 hardeners on while still using 3 heatsinks. Gives me roughly ~90% EM/Thermal Resists. What you do is the second you enter a room, turn and burn away. most of the battleships will be out of range to damage you, and you can pop the faster frigs and cruisers. Plus, not everything aggros at once. Some rooms theres only 2 or 3 battleships at very close range.

As for the final boss, with AB on, youre faster than it. AB to conflag range and blast away. Turn on overheating when it gets into medium armor damage.

7/20/09 - Centum A-type energized adaptive nano, Centum A-type energized reflective membrane -Camador

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