Sansha Provincial HQ

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Sansha Provincial HQ
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace 1st & 2nd site only
Gated 1st & 2nd site only
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Centus X-Type
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The most difficult Sansha site, apart from the 10/10. It's much like the Sansha Military Complex, but considerably more difficult. For the first four sites you'll need a very well tanked battleship as the tank (don't do this with a shieldtanker), supported by at least one, but probably two priests. Final site is best tanked with either a carrier, a Muninn or a Broadsword (the latter two have ridicolous native EM resists).


Much like in the military complex, when warping into the first room you get a message about the inhabitants calling for reinforcements.

First room

The room has about 5 BS, some cruisers, some scrambling frigates and 6 sentry turrets. After a little while you get a message in local: "Centus ships have arrived", which spawns another 5-6 BS plus support. A while after there's another message "More Centus ships have arrived" accompanied by another similar spawn for a total of around 17 BS, 10 or so cruisers and a bunch of frigates (some of which warp scramble). You also get tracking disrupted. When you've killed everything, blow up the gate scrambler structure to open the gate into the second room. Warning: blowing it up triggers a smartbomb effect that hits all nearby ships (but not drones and pods) for around 12000 raw damage (before resists, that is; the damage type seems to be explosive), so make sure you can tank that.

Second room

Has around 10 BS, 12 cruise missile batteries, assorted support (including scrambling frigates) and a battlestation that fires Thor citadel torpedoes (EM damage). Unlike the torpedoes in the final room of the Sansha 10/10, these don't do 100k damage per hit; instead they're easily tanked. Kill all the ships and the cruise batteries before shooting the battlestation; shooting it so it takes armor damage triggers a smartbomb that does around 10000 raw EM damage, and when it takes structure damage another 10 BS (including a True Sansha BS) plus support spawns (be prepared for this as they aggro instantly in their optimals and aggro randomly, so they can make short work of your priests if you're not paying attention). After you've killed that spawn, kill the battlestation (it has a rather strong tank that takes around 2-3 BS worth of DPS to break; it reps to full armor every time its torpedoes hits the tank) to get a chance for an escalation.

First escalation: The Ancient City (part 1)

You warp in to a gate surrounded by around 10 BS (one a True Sansha), 6-8 cruisers and some scrambling frigates. Kill them, activate the gate and in the second room you will see some "spy drones" around 90km away. Don't shoot them, instead wait around 10 seconds and the site should escalate again (or you get a dead end).

Second escalation: The Ancient City (part 2)

Site is not gated and is not deadspace. When warping in, you get a message in local about "more intruders, kill them!". There are 12 BS (one a True Sansha), around 10 cruisers, a few frigates, a web tower and 6 sentry towers. Kill everything, then kill the "Sansha Control Center" structure to get a chance for a further escalation (or a dead end). Battlestation is the type that shoots citadel torpedoes, which can be tanked by having the tank sit far off till they stop damaging.

Third escalation: The Ancient City (part 3)

Site is not gated and is not deadspace. Initial spawn consists of 9 Sansha Battleships, 9 Frigates, and a battlestation. Nothing more spawns; not particularly difficult.

Final escalation: The Ancient City (part 4)

Site is not gated and is not deadspace. Room is initially empty with a large conspicuous station collidable structure. Shooting this causes a spawn of THIRTY battleships along with HACs and frigates to spawn instantly. The freeze from this + the alpha was enough to completely melt our rigged tanking Typhoon. We ended up coming back to the already spawned room and tanking it in a Muninn with a quad rep Oneiros providing support. I strongly suggest triggering the spawn in something disposable then coming back in an actual ship; alternatively do it with a well tanked carrier. Further shooting at the station will spawn 3 more waves of 12 BS and support before finally spawning a named overseer and a bunch of spider drones. Overseer drops Centus X-Type loot and some True Sansha stuff.

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