Sansha Military Complex

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Sansha Military Complex
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Centus A-Type
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Yet another escalation site. The initial site is doable with a well tanked battleship supported by a good priest ship (there are multiple waves of ships that aggro randomly so be careful with your priest(s)). You may also be able to solo the initial site in a high skilled specific setup, for example a Dominix with dual reps, 4 hardeners (2 EM, 2 thermal), and rigs.


On activating the first gate you get a message in local about the inhabitants of the deadspace pocket sending a distress signal.

First room

Initially there are only around 10 Sansha sentry turrets, easily tankable by a solo battleship. Don't warp in your priests yet; instead wait a minute or so while shooting the turrets and you'll get a message in local: "Centus ships has arrived", followed by around 4 BS and 10 frigs/cruisers spawning. After killling off a few of these you get another message "More Centus ships has arrived" and another similar spawn (aggros randomly so keep an eye on your priests).

After killing these, the gate is still locked (trying to activate it gives a message about needing Sanshas Diamond tag or something, which is outright misleading). Look around and you'll notice a structure called "gate scrambler" (real subtle, CCP). Shoot that to unlock the gate. Warning: killing it triggers a smartbomb that takes an unhardened BS to around half shields, make sure small shit is safe before you destroy it.

Second room

Next room is empty save for a lot of bunkers and a bigass structure called Sansha Military Barracks. Shooting that structure spawns 8 battleships and around 10-12 frigs/cruisers (around half the battleships spawn 90km from you). Some of the frigs warp scramble so watch out. After killing this wave, shoot the barracks again and give it armor damage to spawn another similar wave (killing one of the BS in this wave can trigger a True Sansha spawn). Kill this wave and start shooting the structure again; when it's in half structure or so a final wave of 4 BS, 10-ish support and two siege pulse laser batteries will spawn. Kill the siege batteries first as they really fuck your shit up. After killing this wave, destroy the structure to get a chance for the site to escalate.

First escalation: David V Goliath (part 1)

You warp in to land on a deadspace gate guarded by 6-7 battleships including a True Sansha spawn, plus around 6 HAC's. Gate leads to a room with a single named Sansha cruiser. Shooting the cruiser gives you a chance for a further escalation.

Second escalation: David V Goliath (part 2)

Site is not gated, probably not deadspace either. You warp in to a bunch of Sansha ships and another military barracks like the original site. The first spawn is only 3 battleships and 3 destroyers. Once you start shooting the station, however, it spawns 8 cruiser missile batteries, roughly 8 battleships and assorted support, including a TS battleship and a half-dozen tacklers. Finish off the structure to get a chance for a further escalation.

Third escalation: David V Goliath (part 3)

Initial warp in has 4 BS (including 1 TS), 4 HACs, 3 BCs, and 3 tacklers as well as acceleration gate. There are no respawns. Go through to the gate and find a beacon and a "Guidance beacon" large collidable structure 100km away. Destroying the guidance beacon is probably the escalation trigger.

Final escalation: David V Goliath (part 4)

You may want a carrier for this. Site is not gated and not deadspace. You arrive at a stargate with a bunch of NPC ships. Soon after, the Sanshas attack with about 20 battleships and double that in support. They will spawn about an equal amount after you kill one of the Sansha Scout Relay battleships. After kill the second scout relay ship the overseer shows up with an honor guard of another 5 or 6 battleships. Blow him up, he can drop Centus A-Type loot.

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