Sansha Fortress

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Sansha Fortress
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 5
Deadspace Varies
Gated Varies
Probe signature ~0.25 with quests
Loot type Centus A-Type
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Hard but possible to solo in a well tanked battleship. Be careful with what you aggro though, running the site with a priest the first time is recommended. Very similar to Angel Fortress.


First room

First room has 3 groups of ships that aggro separately:

  • 21 Frigates (6 or 7 scrambling)
  • 5 BC
  • 8 BS
  • 2 Cruise Missile Batteries
  • 2 Stasis Webifier Batteries

Attacking the towers aggros all groups at once, so be careful.

Second room

  • 6 Frigates (a couple scrambling/webbing)
  • 2 Cruisers
  • 11 BS
  • 4 Cruise Missile Batteries
  • 4 Stasis Webifier Batteries

Eliminating most of the BS triggers another wave:

  • 7 Frigates
  • 4 Cruisers
  • 1 True Sansha BS (does not always spawn)

Kill the command center to get a chance for an escalation. Soloable in a Dominix as long as you have high resists (mine were 90/87 EM/Thermal), but you will have to warp out a couple times.

First escalation: Shady Operation (part 1)

Site isn't gated, on the warpin there is 10 cruisers, 4 frigates, one True Sansha BS and another named BS (not an overseer/officer, was a renamed normal battleship). Kill the named BS for a chance of a further escalation. (Yes really there isn't anything else here, easily soloable.)

Second escalation: Shady Operation (part 2)

Again no gate, site has 4 BS and one named True Sansha battleship, 4 cruisers and some scrambling frigates. Kill the named battleship for a chance at a further escalation. Also easily soloable.

Third escalation: Shady Operation (part 3)

You warp in to land on a gate, guarded by 7 BS and 7 frigates. No named or faction ships here.

Second room has 4 BS and one named True Sansha battleship, 8 cruisers and 7-8 frigates. Kill the named BS (no really) to get a chance at a further escalation.

Final escalation: Shady Operation (part 4)

Site is gated, no rats on the entrance gate.

First room

9 crusiers, nothing else of note.

Second room

3 BS, the overseer (True Centus Preacher) and around 20-25 frigates (some scrambling and webbing). Very easy, especially if you pack a faction smartbomb or two (a lot of the frigates orbit at 5.5km). The overseer drops a 17th Tier Overseer Effects and has a chance of dropping Centus A- gear. Killing the overseer also gives a dead end message. There are no further escalations.

Other notes

I ran this last night with a Cruise Raven, I also had a Basilisk along with a friend in an Ishtar to help kill and the small stuff. It escalated all the way out, requiring us to run across FOUR regions of space. I can't remember the loot off hand, our priest handles collecting and selling it all. I seem to recall it was about 600m worth of loot.

Other than one of the first parts where the rats aggro in waves everything else seems to aggro at once. It's probably do-able if you kill the Named BS that may trigger escalation, but we always left it for last after we killed everything else.

Just about all the Battelships Kite to 44-49km away, so torps are not much of an option unless you want to waste a lot of time burning around to get in range, and you really don't need all that much DPS anyway. A pulse Apoc/Oneiros combo would absolutely rape this. A Cruise/arty Typhoon would also work if you can use Ogre II's.

Trip Reports

1/13/2013: Ran this with a Dominix; took a while, but didn't have any major issues. If you aggro the whole first room by shooting a tower, just warp out and aggro will reset. No escalation, no loot.

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