Sansha Base

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Sansha Base
Type Escalation complex
Number of sites 3
Deadspace Yes
Gated Varies
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type Centus C-Type
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Almost identical to Angel Base except with Sansha rats instead of Angels (hurr). The entire escalation chain is soloable in a well tanked battleship.

Initial site

Small groups of battleships and frigates in first room. Nothing spectacular.

On warpin (120+ km away):

  • 3x Cruisers
  • 1x BS

When you approach the gate:

  • 6x frigs

Second room; more small groups of battleships and frigates. Killed a Sansha Minor Refinery at the end (this is the escalation trigger, blowing it up triggers (or does not trigger) an escalation. You may also get a True Sansha spawn if you are lucky.

On warpin:

  • 3x frig

2nd spawn:

  • 2x BS
  • 3x frig
  • 3x Cruisers

3rd spawn:

  • 3x BS

The site can escalate to:

First escalation: True Power HQ (Part 1)

Single room, no gate.

Small group on warpin, with more spawning shortly after. Spawn appeared between 70km and 120km away and consisted of:

  • 11x Frigates
  • 12x Cruiser/BC mix
  • 3x BS
  • 3x Sansha Miner

Approaching the Ripped Superstructure spawned:

  • 1x Named BS (Centus Tyrant named Isiura Tuurento)
  • 1x Cruise Missile Battery

The BS had no special loot. Killing the BS escalated this site to:

Second escalation: True Power HQ (Part 2)

Again, single room, no gate.

As before, spawns on warpin are about 80km to 120km away from the warpin point.

  • 7x Frigates (4 scrambling)
  • 3x Cruisers
  • 3x BS
  • 3x Cruise Missile Battery
  • 1x Sansha Sentry Gun

Attacking the Major Assembly Array spawns another group:

  • 9x Cruiser/BC mix
  • 3x BS
  • 1x Suard Fish (3.1m bounty cruiser)

Killing Suard Fish always gives a Dead End Message. There are no more escalations. Saurd can drop C-Type loot. None of the structures drop anything of note.

Loot Examples:

2 Dec 08: Tag and nothing else. 30 Jan 09: Tag and nothing else.

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