Ruined Serpentis Science Outpost

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Ruined Serpentis Science Outpost
Type Magnetometric Sites
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated No
Probe signature Magnetometric
Loot type t1, t2 salvage, BPC's
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Pretty much exact copy of the BR version.

This is a magnetrometric complex. There are 3-4 midgrade BS and 3-4 BC's present on initial warpin. 1-3 BC's also spawn after accessing a container. No other waves.

The container layout is 1 Serpentis Ruins, 2 Serpentis Derelicts, 2 Serpentis Remains, 1 Blood Hulk. The first 3 open with archaeology (Ruins requires arch 3 and takes forever), the last 3 need salvaging.

Loot is typical of magnet sites - t1 salvage with some chance of t2 salvage, t2 rig BPC's, encryption skillbooks, etc.

There's also an alternate version of this site with 5-6 BS + 2-3 BC's on warpin. That one has 2 Ruins/2-3 Remains/1-2 Rubbles and is 100% archaeology. Same loot.

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