Pristine Serpentis Ship Graveyard

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Pristine Serpentis Ship Graveyard
Type Salvage
Number of sites 1
Deadspace No
Gated No
Probe signature Magnetometric
Loot type Salvage
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Site Info

Warping to this site results in this pop-up: Debris litters this small pocket of space; torn sheets of hardened metal and twisted cables snake up through larger hulls and structures that all speak a story of violence and deterioration. A salvaging module will be required to sift amongst the garbage and find items of value.

All objects open with salvaging.

Upon landing there will be 3 Grand Admiral BS and 3 BCs. 3 more BS spawn as soon as first wave is dead. No other spawns.

Salvageable Objects

Serpentis Rubble: 1

Serpentis Remains: 2

Serpentis Ruins: 3


Potential loot in every object. Lots of T1 and as with pristine sites quite a reasonable amount of T2 salvage. Easily soloable in a Properly fit BS.

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