Pristine Serpentis Abandoned Colony

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Pristine Serpentis Abandoned Colony
Type Archeology/salvage
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated No
Probe signature Magnetometric
Loot type Salvage
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Identical to the Blood Raider version.

You warp into a complex with the following pop-up: Debris litters this small pocket of space; torn sheets of hardened metal and twisted cables snake up through larger hulls and structures that all speak a story of violence and deterioration. A salvaging module will be required to sift amongst the garbage and find items of value.

Initial Spawn

Roughly 3 Alvus Queens or Matriarchs, 8 cruiser sized drones and 5 figate sized drones are present as you land, and will not automatically aggro you as you enter.

There are several versions of this site for each type; either attacking the drones or, sometimes, opening the containers will trigger additional spawns at 0 possibly including BS (a typical second spawn is about the same size/type as the first). They may or may not aggro on you.


6 Containers with T1 and T2 salvage, requires Salvaging to loot. They have as much T2 salvage as T1, but since the price crash these sites are still not worth doing.

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