Pristine Guristas Ship Remnants

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Pristine Guristas Ship Remnants
Type Salvage
Number of sites 1
Deadspace No
Gated No
Probe signature Magnetometric
Loot type Salvage
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This magnetometric salvaging site's a little different. There's nothing on warpin; everything spawns when a container (1 Ruins, 2 Remains, 2 Derelicts, and 1 Hulk) is opened, instead. You must kill the spawns before you are able to recover from the salvaged cans. The spawns:

Ruins: 1-2 BS, 1-2 frig

Derelict 1: 3 BS, 3 frigs (1 dire frig that scrams)

Derelict 2: nothing

Remains 1: nothing

Remains 2: nothing

Hulk: 3 HACs, 3 cruisers

Despite the names, everything opens with salvagers, not analyzers. The loot is in line with other pristine sites, with more T2 than ruined sites. No jamming but the Hulk spawn will put out some damage if you are in a smaller or speed tanking ship.

Trip Reports

5/13/13: An extremely easy 80m of T2 salvage

5/22/13: About 105m of T2 salvage, plus 8m of T1 salvage. Super easy.

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