Pristine Blood Raider Dumped Cargo

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Pristine Blood Raider Dumped Cargo
Type Salvage
Number of sites 1
Deadspace No
Gated No
Probe signature Magnetometric
Loot type Salvage
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Typical "pristine" drone salvage site. There are 5 frigates on warp-in that do not aggro until fired upon. Three separate containers are booby trapped. One spawns 3 BS, 3 BC's and 3 frigs about 150km out, one triggers 5 frigs, 2 BC's and 2 BS from 20-35 km out, and one has 3 BC's/4 cruisers/7 frigs 150km out. The site is much easier to run if you blow up the drone structure first.

The containers are 1 hulk, 1 ruins, 2 derelicts and 2 remains, all of which require a salvager to open. As usual for the "pristine" sites, the loot is good to excellent (seemingly more salvage than usual, both t1 and t2 - upwards of 50 mil per site.)

Trip report 9/23/09: Everything spawned as stated. Ended up with over 100M in salvage, t1 & t2, plus compounds.

Trip report 10/05/09: Ninja'd site with Claymore, had to take out some scramming frigs "Strain Render Alvi". Made off with 150m in salvage.

Trip report 11/10/09: Spawns slightly tougher than stated here. Wave 1 had 4BS/4CR/4F. wave 2 had 2BC/4CR/6F, final wave had 3BS/2CR/7F.

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