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Override Transfer Array
Type Incursion complex
Number of sites
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature
Loot type 15mil ISK + 2000 CONCORD loyalty points
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Incursion Vanguard site.

The goal of this site is to kill three Deltole Tegmentum. This is made harder by the presence of a Logistics Station which shield transfers to all Sansha ships in the site, making them more difficult to kill as long as the station is active. Once three Deltoles are killed, the remaining rats despawn. As of Incarna 1.0, the site is the second longest to complete behind Mining Colonies.


The rats spawn in three waves of 2x Auga Hypophysis 1x Deltole Tegmentum and 1x Mara Paleo Additionally, roughly 60 seconds after a wave spawns, an additional spawn of 3x Tama Cerebellum appears. Killing a Tama wave will spawn an additional 2x Niarja Myelen. Finally, a flight of 5x Eystur Rhomben spawn shortly after the first fleet member lands on grid, and are constantly replenished when killed. Ignore Tamas, Maras and Eysturs.

Kill order: Auga-Deltole-Auga-Auga-Deltole-Auga-Deltole

Focusing fire is still an imperative. Logis will need to pay attention more as the site progresses and the dps from Tamas increases.


While no longer a requirement to complete the site at an isk/hr efficient rate, hacking the Logistics Control Array is still a good idea. Using a Hacking Rifter on an alt is the most efficient method, but a Hacking Mishtar can also perform the job.

Around the station are three Logistics Control Array structure organized in a triangle, each approximately 80km from the station. One control array will be hackable when you enter the site. The hacking ship should MWD over and hack the array which will disable the logistics station, noticeable by a greenish cloud around it. It will remain disabled for approximately 3 minutes and then reactivate, at which time another control array needs to be hacked to disable it again. After hacking the array the hacking ship should return to the group and continue DPSing. You need Hacking III to hack the control arrays.

After the station reactivates it takes approximately 20-30 seconds before the next control array becomes hackable. The arrays spawn in a clockwise pattern.

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