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Type DED complex (10/10)
Number of sites 1
Deadspace Yes
Gated Yes
Probe signature Unknown
Loot type t2 salvage, minerals, 23rd overseer effects
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The Drone 10/10 complex. Outside of the Drone Regions, you can get this as an escalation from certain drone anomalies. Don't try to solo this. Don't even try to run it at all. Your psyche will be shattered by the constant flood of depression you will enter as you deal with boring waves of drones.

Between every room is an acceleration gate that you can stop and regroup at before warping into the next wave or just commit suicide before plunging deeper into the pit of despair. Gates are 45 to 60 KM from your warp-in point, so at least have an AB fitted if not an MWD. Or you could just say "fuck it," warp out and spend time playing a game that's fun. There used to be a problem with having a Noctis follow you afterwards to hoover up the loot, but this is no longer an issue. The


"This outer section of the complex shows stark signs of the rogue drone infestation. The few human station structures that used to occupy this pocket have been reduced to debris, safe for a single storage facility. Odd drone-built constructions dominate the scene, serving as maintenance platforms for the resident automated machinery. Scouts have reported the acceleration gate being actively scrambled by the local defense force, requiring total elimination of drones before it is possible to continue deeper into the complex."

Upon warp-in, you will run into the following ships clustered around a stargate 60 KM away and some scattered wreckage:

  • 2X frigate
  • 1X Assault Frigate
  • 6X Cruiser
  • 4X Patriarch Alvis
  • 3X Matriarch Alvis
  • 3X Elite Drone Parasite

Patriarchs are short-range blasterboats and will not lock and fire until within 20 KM. Focus first on the other BS, which are long-range. There are also two destructible bunkers and a storage facility, the latter of which drops 9th Overseer's Effects. Once everything is killed, move on while praying for the existence of a loving god.

Second Room

"This pocket appears to serve as the main defense gauntlet into the complex. The primary acceleration gate is locked by a mechanism connected with the guardian drones. Another gate lies at the pocket's border with a serious plasma leak, rendering it all but useless unless for a pilot knowledgeable in the field of plasma physics. It has been speculated that it may provide a shortcut to another pocket deep inside the sprawling complex."

The warp-in is on a station that's guarded by a huge group of drones that spawn in several waves.

  • battleships
  • cruisers
  • frigates (some scram/web)
  • 10X sentry guns

There are two gates out, but one of them requires that you have the Plasma Physics skill trained to level 3 to use it. If you can, it will move you ahead several rooms into the plex.

Third Room

"This section used to be a small navy base specializing in plasma weapon research. The station's torn superstructure still floats around the swarming new inhabitants, emitting hazardous plasma leaks. The pocket's acceleration gate is frequently scrambled by the local drone force.

Appendix: Old reports from the time the complex is thought to have been overtaken by the rogue drone strain say that at the time an infamous band of pirates were seen docking at the station, picking up a secret cargo into their industrial ships. Some have speculated that the pirates summoned the drones here, intending to wipe out the complex after they had stolen all it's valuable equipment. Whether that's truly the case remains uncertain, but what is certain is that a few derelict industrial ships remain within the pocket, cluttered with the frozen bodies of known criminals."

There is a large energy neutralizing tower II, 6 BS, 8 cruiser, 6 frigs (web/scram).

Fourth Room

"According to DED reconnaissance officer Jen Maynor, this pocket functions as a storage area for captured equipment and construction minerals for the drone hive."

15 BS including the Kuari Swarm Paradise Worker, 6 cruisers and 3 frigates (web/scram). Various containers all around contain minerals, compounds, and t1 mods. You will find the 11th Overseer's Effects in the Abandoned Container. You will find no release for your soul in any container.

Fifth Room

"This area has been reported to be heavily defended by a large force of rogue drones. Although many of the automated machines are light and do not carry much heavy weaponry, DED advises pilots to be on high alert. It appears to be a rendezvous point for excursion swarms and raiding forces before departure. The acceleration gate is actively scrambled by the resident forces, denying anyone entrance while there's at least a single drone left with an open scrambling frequency."

This room has 15 BS, 6 cruisers and 3 frigs (web/scram). 19th tier overseer's effects drop from a faction sentry gun.

Sixth Room

8 BS (mostly Alvis Queens so the DPS is from long range), 7 cruisers, 4 frigates (1 web/scram) and 9 guns/batteries.

The elite (faction) spawn drops 19th Tier Overseer's Effects.

Final Room

"Intelligence data is scarce concerning this deepest pocket within the deadspace complex. It is speculated that this section houses the central hive along with a strain mother drone."

6 frigates (1 web/scram), 10 cruisers, 10 BS, 3 cruise batteries, 1 neut tower III (hard to kill) and a Kuari Strain Mother faction turret. The strain mother has a 4000 EM damage citadel torp and 500K structure HP + a 200hp/s repairing 1500 HP armor layer.. Bring friends, pack plenty of ammo & a lunch and have a picnic. We were hitting it with a Raven, an Abaddon, two Domis worth of Ogre IIs, a Machariel, and a Proteus and it took over 20 minutes to kill the bitch.

When it finally dies, it drops a 23rd Overseer's Effects and roughly 200 mil in t2 Salvage. You will not feel this is worth the effort. You will be right.

Trip Reports

4/27/2011 - Ran it for posterity and got the above report out of it. Drone Region alliances deserve pity if this is what they do all day.

(Not sure if this was fixed with the Crucible patch, but earlier this was the most profitable isk per hour things in EVE - just don't kill the drone mother, loot all overseer's effects and return there after downtime - all rats will respawn and you can repeat it - when you have 5 of these active making isk is not a problem. Restoring your soul is another matter entirely.)

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